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In the Jim Crow South, the “white primary” was the first line of attack to prevent Black Americans from voting. But in 1944, a Kentucky native on the Supreme Court helped end the tactic in a case called Smith v. Allwright. In the exhibit, “Black Voters, White Primaries”, UK's John G. Heyburn II Initiative explores voter suppression then and now. BONUS: Josh Douglas, elections expert in the Rosenberg College of Law, weighs in on voter suppression this election season. Don’t forget to vote!



Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Additional Resources Added to ExploreUK

Online and open access to archival resources is more important now than ever in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and racial unrest across the United States and beyond. With that in mind, SCRC is happy to announce the following collections are available on ExploreUK.

Norman Family papers

The Norman family papers (dated 1787, 1877-1899; 0.2 cubic feet; 2 folders) consist of a mathematics copybook written by Reuben Norman for his son Caleb Norman. The copybook contains significant handwritten marginalia from Caleb as well as many others. The collection also includes several letters from the late nineteenth century, including one written by L.C. Norman, president of the Old McBrayer Distilling Company in 1899.

Cassius M. Clay journal

The Cassius M. Clay journal and papers (dated 1826-1941, undated; 0.25 cubic feet; 1 box, 2 folders) primarily comprises a journal kept by abolitionist Cassius M. Clay to document financial and business transactions.

Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass records bulletins and newspapers

The Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass records (dated 1939-2015, bulk 1977-2011; 6.07 cubic feet and 13.7 gigabytes; 11 boxes, 2 items, and 14,228 digital files) contain administrative records, publications, bulletins, financial records, photographs, meeting minutes, committee records, ledger books, and digital files documenting the community events, activities, and operation of the Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass. The bulletins and newspapers have been digitized

Richard B. Isenhour architectural drawings

The Richard B. Isenhour architectural drawings (dated 1952-1989; 4 cubic feet; 14 folders) comprise design drawings for 80 residences and one medical building designed by architect Richard B. Isenhour, with most of the properties in Lexington, Kentucky, but also including structures in South Carolina, Florida, and North Carolina from 1952 to 1989.

Kentucky Negro Education Association journals

The Kentucky Negro Education Association journals (dated 1916-1952, 68 volumes) include proceedings of the organization's meetings and official publications. The organization was formed when State Superintendent of Public Instruction H. A. Henderson in 1877 when he gathered 45 Negro educators and trustees to form the State Association of Colored Teachers. In 1913 it was renamed the Kentucky Negro Educational Association (KNEA). This representative body of Kentucky's Negro educators was an influential lobbying group for education issues. Annual conferences were held in Louisville, KY. In response to desegregation, the organization was renamed the Kentucky Teachers Association, though it was still referred to in general conversation as KNEA. In 1956, KNEA was subsumed into the formerly all white Kentucky Education Association. KNEA was the predecessor to present day organizations such as the Kentucky Association of Blacks in Higher Education. 

Laura Clay papers

The Laura Clay papers (dated 1819-1959, bulk 1906-1920; 13.63 cubic feet; 34 boxes, 2 folders, 3 items) consists of correspondence, pamphlets, periodicals, organizational records, petitions, scrapbooks, broadsides, programs, legal documents, and suffrage pins and ribbons, which document the career of Kentucky suffragist Laura Clay. These are in addition to the Laura Clay photographs

WAVE television Louisville, Kentucky busing films

WAVE-TV Louisville news coverage of the 1975 federal court order to racially integrate the Jefferson County Public Schools through busing. This court order was supported and protested through a number of public demonstrations and rallies on both sides of the debate. These are the edited news footage packages that were shown during the nightly reporting of the events and issues around desegregation of the Louisville, Kentucky public school system beginning in July and running through December of 1975.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Newly Digitized Wade Hall Collections!

A selection of new collections from the Wade Hall Collection of American Letters project have been digitized and made available online! New collections include topics such as religion, romance, war, family, education, and veterinary healthcare! These collections, along with many others, were digitized as part of a National Endowment for the Humanities Collections and Reference Resources Grant, entitled "P.S. Write Again Soon": Revealing 200 years of the American Mosaic through the Wade Hall Collection of American Letters. All digitized and published Wade Hall collections can be found on ExploreUK!

F.L. Speiden to Harriet Pettus, 1900
Pettus-Speiden family papers, 2009ms132.0126 - The Pettus-Speiden family papers (dated 1891-1928, bulk 1904-1917; 1.4 cubic feet; 4 boxes) comprise letters and short writings that document the experiences of an upper class family in Louisville, Kentucky during the last decade of the nineteenth century through World War I.

Florence Weigel letters, 2009ms132.0134 - The Florence Weigel letters (dated 1898-1899; 0.08 cubic feet; 2 folders) comprises thirteen letters that document the relationship between Florence Weigel and Lester Pomeroy in Pennsylvania and New York.

Henry Heyburn postcard to parents, 1943

Henry Heyburn family letters, 2009ms132.0284 - The Henry Heyburn family letters (dated 1908-1992, bulk 1938-1948; 1.8 cubic feet; 4 boxes) comprise letters, papers, and clippings that document the life of Henry Heyburn as a soldier and his family in Louisville, Kentucky during and post-World War II.

Ivan Heft to his mother, 1911
Ivan Heft papers, 2009ms132.0303 - The Ivan Heft papers (dated 1903-1961, undated; 0.9 cubic feet; 2 boxes) comprise letters, essays, and notebooks that primarily documents the education and early pastoral career of Ivan Heft in New Jersey, Ohio, Montana, Colorado, New York, and Kentucky in the first half of the twentieth century.

Grand Army of the Republic records, 2009ms132.0358 - The Grand Army of the Republic records (dated 1895-1896; 1.03 cubic feet; 1 box, 4 items) primarily consist of letters, telegram notes, and other correspondence kept and organized by William Cornwell Jr., General Secretary of the citizens committee of the Grand Army of the Republic's 29th National Encampment in Louisville, Kentucky.

Zoology project by Winston A. Thompson
Winston A. Thompson papers, 2009ms132.0547 - The Winston A. Thompson papers (dated 1943-1964, undated; 0.22 cubic feet; 11 folders) comprise printed materials, publications, school records and assignments, and a memory book that document the life of Winston Thompson while attending Central High School in Louisville, Kentucky in the 1950s.

Letter to Monna detailing a friend's second assault, 1942
Monna Rogers letters, 2009ms132.0560 - The Monna Rogers letters (dated 1910-1955, undated; 0.27 cubic feet; 6 folders) comprise letters that document the personal and religious life of Monna Rogers and other family members in Ohio in the first half of the twentieth century.

Equine veterinarian log book, 2009ms132.0568 - The Equine veterinarian log book (dated 1900; 0.05 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprises a log book of veterinarian Dr. Plaskett and his two voyages transporting horses from Montreal, Canada to Port Elizabeth, South Africa for the British during the Boer War.

German soldier to parents, 1941
German World War II soldiers letters, 2009ms132.0573 - The German World War II soldiers letters (dated 1941-19444; 0.05 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprise nine letters from German soldiers to their families while serving during World War II.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

What do Tenochtitlan, Jean Thomas, Lexington Pride Fest, and Whiskey Manufacturing Have in Common?

Resources related to Tenochtitlan, Jean Thomas, Lexington Pride Fest, and Whiskey Manufacturing, and more have been digitized and added to ExploreUK!

Description of the O.F.C., Carlisle, and J.S. Taylor distilleries, and process of whiskey manufacture applied therein 1886

The Tape Recordings series and the Films series from the A.B. "Happy" Chandler papers

Temistitan (map of Tenochtitlan), circa 1572

Jean Thomas The Life and the Legend scrapbook ,1943-1984, consists of a scrapbook concerning the life of Kentucky folklorist Jean Thomas, which was compiled by University of Kentucky student, Jerry Groce.

Several Pride Fest programs were added to Pride Community Services Organization publications

A WWI scrapbook was added to the John Jacob Niles papers

United Brothers of Friendship and Sisters of the Mysterious Ten

Journal of the Annual Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic Department of Kentucky, 1896-1907

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Recently Digitized University Archives Resources Now on ExploreUK

A wealth of UK-related materials has been digitized and added to ExploreUK

Learn more about one of the leaders of desegregating UK in the Wade Hall papers (dated 1876-1998, undated; 4.1 cubic feet; 9 boxes) comprise the research collected and writings by Bellarmine University professor Wade Hall about civil rights leader Lyman T. Johnson. Photographs, slides, and other visual materials related to Lyman T. Johnson were digitized.

Ms. Angela Davis with Lyman T. Johnson at home of John H. Johnson, Louisville, circa 1980

UK daily news, events, and more are captured in the The Kentucky Kernel. The 1971-2008 issues were recently digitized and added to the 1915-1920 issues already online. Don't forget the Kernel's two preceding titles: The State College Cadet and The Idea.

The Terrence Fox University of Kentucky student protest film comprises two digital copies of what was probably an 8mm amateur, silent, color film of a protest by University of Kentucky students on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, May 5-7, 1970. Mechanical engineering doctoral student and later president of the Help Prevent Campus Violence/Student Coalition group Terrence "Terry" Fox filmed the protest. In addition to scenes of students gathering and marching at various campus, downtown Lexington, and Transylvania University locations with local and Kentucky state police and National Guard present (May 5-7), there are also scenes of the Tuesday night (May 5) fire and fire fighters at the Euclid Avenue Building/Air Force ROTC Building as well as scenes of the National Guard using tear gas on student protesters gathered around the UK Student Center on Thursday (May 7).
Still from the Terrence Fox UK student protest film

The University of Kentucky campus maps and guidebooks collection shows what campus looked like over time. It's incredible to see how the university changes and improves each and every year!

·        University of Kentucky College of Nursing publications include 21 publications from the past two decades that discuss changes in practice and new developments in research.

Friday, December 6, 2019

New Collection Guides on ExploreUK!

A new batch of collection guides are now available on ExploreUK! The collections document the University of Kentucky during 1968; the Civil Rights Movement; public housing during the New Deal; labor unions in Kentucky; the Nautilus submarine expedition; and much more! See the full list below:

Hammett's Planisphere from the Harry W. Ross papers, 1997ms262

The University of Kentucky Student Government Forum Committee FOCUS '68 records (dated 1945-1968, bulk 1967-1968; 0.3 cubic feet; 2 boxes) comprise correspondence, operating records, printed material, photographs, and reel-to-reel audio recordings that document the creation and execution of FOCUS '68: Focus on Social Inequities symposium developed by the University of Kentucky (UK) Student Government Forum Committee and held at Memorial Coliseum in Lexington, Ky., on April 5 and 6, 1968.

The Harry W. Ross papers (dated 1852-1977, bulk 1911-1945; 1.2 cubic feet; 5 boxes) comprise correspondence, literary manuscripts, photographs, newspaper clippings, engineering notebooks, books, and realia that document his service in both World War I and World War II as well as on board the Nautilus submarine expedition to the Arctic in 1931.

The William F. and Harriet Fast Scott Soviet Military Collection (dated 1926-2003, undated; 9 boxes; 3.9 cubic feet) consists of posters, publications, and photographs from the Soviet Union (later the Russian Federation).

The Charles Edward Pogue papers (dated 1978-2016, undated; 16 cubic feet; 16 boxes) primarily consists of scripts, screenplays, drafts, promotional materials, and notes related to plays and film projects on which Pogue worked as a screenwriter.

FOCUS '68 program from the University of Kentucky Student Government
 Forum Committee FOCUS '68 records, 0000ua084

The Lois Howard Gray family papers (dated 1795-2012, undated; 41 cubic feet; 47 boxes, 1 folder) comprise correspondence, genealogy files, photographs, artifacts, financial and legal documents, printed material, newspaper clippings, and scrapbooks that document the Howard and Gray families of Barren County, Kentucky.

The John Scott Lansill papers (dated 1926-1940, undated; 15 cubic feet; 24 boxes, 3 items) consist of records, reports, maps, and photographs relating to the United States Resettlement Administration Division of Suburban Resettlement, a New Deal agency directed by John Scott Lansill.

The Southern Conference Educational Fund records (dated 1968-1976; 0.45 cubic feet; 1 box) include minutes, agendas, memoranda, and publications documenting the organization’s operations in Louisville, Kentucky, to end segregation.

The Harriet Drury Van Meter papers (dated 1910-1990; 3 cubic feet; 10 boxes) comprise correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks, travel documents, and photographs that document her family life, travel, and work with international students at the University of Kentucky and clubs in Lexington, Kentucky.

Soviet Army (On the Military Path of Armed Forces of the USSR), 1960s-1970s from
the William F. and Harriet Fast Scott Soviety Military Collection

The E. G. Trimble collection on Kentucky Labor Unions (dated 1862-1965; 4.47 cubic feet; 11 boxes) consists of correspondence and printed materials concerning labor unions in Kentucky.

The Young-Wooton family and genealogy research papers (dated 1813-1990; 12 cubic feet; 22 boxes) contains family papers and correspondence, medical documents, legal papers, genealogical records and research notes, family history publications, and family photographs from the Young, Wooton, and other related families.

The Thomas R. Underwood papers (dated 1857-1967, bulk 1923-1955; 17.4 cubic feet; 39 boxes, 5 items, 2 folders) consist of correspondence, research and legislative files; photographs; grooved audio discs; ephemera; speeches; and printed material that document the journalistic and political activities of the editor of the Lexington Herald and Congressman from central Kentucky.

The Chester Grundy papers (dated 1971-2009, undated; 9.5 cubic feet, 15.16 gigabytes; 21 document boxes, 1 slim document box, 1 flat box, 46 born-digital files, 9 files of digitized film) primarily comprise correspondence, plans and reports, contracts and agreements, press releases and newspaper clippings, flyers and event programs, catalogs, reference materials, photographs, and audiovisual materials documenting Chester Grundy's involvement in the University of Kentucky (UK) Black Student Union; his work activities as part of the University of Kentucky Minority and African American student affairs offices, Martin Luther King, Jr., Cultural Center and Black Studies/African American Studies department; and his personal and scholarly interests in African American-oriented activities and diversity events.

The Doris Y. Wilkinson papers (dated 1961-2011; 10.35 cubic feet and 1.12 Megabytes; 9 record storage cartons, 1 document box, 2 flat boxes, and 22 electronic documents) primarily comprise correspondence, reports and articles, newspaper clippings, announcements and flyers, research subject files, books, honors and awards, teaching material, and biographical information that document the academic career and professional life of sociologist Doris Y. Wilkinson.
The Robert L. Hoover papers (dated 1904-2014, undated; 2.98 cubic feet; 8 boxes and 1 uniform) consist of correspondence, print publications, and artifacts documenting the life of Robert L. Hoover, who served in the U.S. Army's 36th Infantry Division during World War II and was a German prisoner of war (POW).

The Norman Chrisman architectural drawings (dated 1945-1971; 4.5 cubic feet; 1 flat file drawer, 1 box) comprise architectural drawings that document residential, commercial, and religious buildings in Lexington, Kentucky, and eastern Kentucky.

The Lloyd R. Lotz, Sr. architectural drawings (dated 1947-2010; 6 cubic feet; 2 flat file drawers) comprise architectural drawings that document churches, banks, hospitals, and other structures in Kentucky and Indiana that Lotz designed or assisted with the design.

The Wilmore, Kentucky photographic collection (dated 1902-1939; 0.25 cubic feet; 1 box) consists of 42 gelatin silver copy prints of photographs of Wilmore, Kentucky detailing the architecture downtown and the after effects of the 1911 fire.

The James Garnett scrapbook (dated 1895-1937, bulk 1910-1937; 0.2 cubic feet; 1 item) comprises a scrapbook of newspaper clippings kept by James Garnett primarily during his term as Kentucky Attorney General.

The Benjamin Sebastian papers (dated 1762-1803; 0.37 cubic feet; 2 boxes) contain correspondence, receipts, land grants, and materials pertaining to Sebastian's role in the Church of England.

The David Hamilton collection on World War I stereograph cards (dated circa 1914-1918; 1 box, 100 items) comprise early World War I images and a stereoscope, or viewfinder.

The O'Nan family papers and photographs (dated 1855-2011; 0.23 cubic feet; 1 box) contains Maddox family photographs as well as a family genealogy.

The Kenneth Pidgeon collection on mills in Clark and Fayette Counties, Kentucky (dated 1990s-2009; 0.9 cubic feet; 2 boxes, 1 folder; 82.4 MB, 180 digital files) consists of physical and digital research files on mills in Clark and Fayette Counties, Kentucky, compiled by Kenneth G. Pidgeon.

The Crossman family papers (dated 1852-1908; 12 cubic feet; 23 boxes) primarily consists of scrapbooks containing cartoons of the Civil War and post Civil War periods, broadside ballads of the same period, and volumes on the visits of Jenny Lind, Louis Kossuth and Edward VII to America.

The H. W. Hedden ledger (dated 1899; 0.15 cubic feet; 1 item) consists of an account book, kept in 1899 by H.W. Hedden of Finchville, Shelby County, Kentucky, for a general store.

The Ellen Allen clippings collection on Kentucky (dated 1938-1989; 0.76 cubic feet; 2 boxes) comprises subject files primarily of brochures and gathered primarily in the late 1970s and 1980s on Kentucky and Lexington historic sites, organizations, businesses, tourist activities, and people.

The Noble Jones Gregory papers (dated 1884-1979; 42.4 cubic feet; 79 boxes, 1 folder) consist of correspondence, newspaper clippings, legislative files, photographs, and scrapbooks documenting Noble Jones Gregory's career as the 1st district U.S. Congressman from Kentucky.

The Thomas B. Cromwell scrapbook (dated 1912-1919; 0.74 cubic feet; 1 item) comprises a scrapbook of newspaper articles authored by Thomas B. Cromwell.

The Gibson-Humphrey papers (dated 1847-1954, bulk 1847-1897; 0.45 cubic feet; 1 box) primarily consist of family correspondence, documenting the family life of the Gibsons and Humphreys of Woodford County, Kentucky.

The Mathews and Gaines daybooks (dated 1854-1857; 0.12 cubic feet; 1 box) consist of two daybooks documenting the daily business transactions of Mathews and Gaines, general merchants.

The Paula Wells diary (dated 1941-2006; 0.35 cubic feet; 1 box) comprises three volumes of a typescript diary kept by Paula Wells from late December 1941 through 2004, with additions up to 2006, which document her life and career as a stenographer and writer.

The Williamstown Temperance Society record book (dated 1842-1846; 0.1 cubic feet, 1 item) comprises organizational documents for the temperance society, including the constitution of the society, a temperance pledge that was adopted at the November 29th, 1845 meeting, a list of names attesting to the pledge, and minutes of the society meetings.

The James R. Collins correspondence (dated 1971-1972; 0.05 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprises letters from President Lyndon B. Johnson; Associate Justices Tom Clark, William O. Douglas, and Stanley Forman Reed; and other prominent public officials regarding their impressions of and relationships with Chief Justice Fred Vinson.

The Mary Desha papers (dated 1889-1910, undated; 1.35 cubic feet; 3 boxes) primarily consists of letters and printed materials dealing with Mary Desha's work with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

The Minnie Belle Bates photographs (dated 1915-1928; 0.03 cubic feet, 36 items in one flat box) comprise 36 sepia-toned, black-and-white snapshots of Minnie Belle Bella Bates' friends from the University of Kentucky, 1915-1928.

The Hiram Moe Green letters to Jessie Robinson (dated 1941-2018, bulk 1942-1943; 0.03 cubic feet; 1 folder), consists of letters from Hiram Moe Greene to Jessie Robinson Moore during World War II.

The Charles P. Graves architectural drawings (dated 1955-1973; 15 cubic feet; 5 flat file drawers) comprise architectural drawings for single family homes, apartments, townhomes, a fraternity house, and a dormitory primarily in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Paul Morand papers (dated 1927; 0.05 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprise a folio entitled Ballades Dictees consisting of two letters and 20 handwritten poems by Paul Morand written during his travels in the United States in 1927.

The James Mullen stereoviews of the High Bridge of Kentucky (dated 1877; 0.03 cubic feet; 13 items) consist of stereoviews, taken by James Mullen, of the Kentucky River and High Bridge, which was built by the Cincinnati Southern Railway.

The David Hooden photographs of Joyland (dated circa 1950s; 0.3 cubic feet; 2 boxes) consist of photographs and ephemera related to Joyland, an amusement park located in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Lawrence E. Ashbrook The Kentucky Whittler photograph album (dated 1942; 0.03 cubic feet; 1 box) consists of an annotated photograph album containing small black and white, silver gelatin photographs of Ashbrook and his folk art, primarily wooden sculptures.

The Bourbon Academy minute book (dated 1799-1855; 0.23; 1 box) consists of one book and loose pages outlining meetings held by the Bourbon Academy Board of Trustees.

The William Vincent Byars The Gratz Papers, 1750-1850 manuscript (1913-1915, 2.5 cubic feet, 3 boxes) contains 26 typewritten volumes about Jewish merchant venturers, Benjamin Gratz and Michael Gratz, and their descendants in the Americas before 1850.

The Shelby family papers (dated 1979-1947; 18.55 cubic feet; 19 boxes and 2 items) comprise correspondence, financial records, genealogical files, and photographs pertaining to the Shelby family of Kentucky, including General Evan Shelby, Isaac Shelby, Thomas Hart Shelby, Isaac P. Shelby, and Edmund P. Shelby.

The David Klinger correspondence (dated 1970-2000; 0.1 cubic feet; 2 folders) consists of correspondence with and concerning Appalachian author and environmentalist Harry M. Caudill, newspaper clippings, and testimony about strip mining.

The Grover Page Cartoon Collection (dated 1939-1958, undated; 64.14 cubic feet; 91 boxes) consists of original political cartoons drawn by Grover Page the editorial cartoonist for the Louisville Courier-Journal.

The Sue Eakin papers (dated 1930-1997, undated; 16.11 cubic feet; 28 boxes, 1 oversize box, and 1 folder) consist of correspondence, office files, manuscripts, and student work relating to the career of Louisiana historian and professor Sue Eakin.

The Central Christian Church (Lexington, Kentucky) records (dated 1866-1944; 0.25 cubic feet; 3 items) comprise a church record book, a minute book of the Board of Elders, and a scrapbook entitled Chronicles of the First Christian Church Lexington, Ky. Continued Through the Main Street Christian Church and Central Christian Church.

Monday, November 18, 2019

New digitized Wade Hall collections

A number of new collections from the Wade Hall Collection of American Letters project have been digitized and made available online! New collections include topics such as prison, athletic training, romance, war, family, travel, and healthcare! These collections, along with many others, were digitized as part of a National Endowment for the Humanities Collections and Reference Resources Grant, entitled "P.S. Write Again Soon": Revealing 200 years of the American Mosaic through the Wade Hall Collection of American Letters. All digitized and published Wade Hall collections can be found on ExploreUK!

David Bolotin to Jayne Bolotin, 1942
David Bolotin letters, 2009ms132.0063 - The David Bolotin letters (dated 1917-1946, undated, bulk 1944-1945; 1.80 cubic feet; 4 boxes) comprise letters, sketches, and newspaper clippings that document the relationship between David Bolotin and Jayne Weil before and after their marriage as well as David's service overseas in Calcutta, India in the years leading up to World War II and during the war.

Helen Hungerford papers, 2009ms132.0102 - The Helen Hungerford papers (dated 1905-1992, bulk 1912-1920; 1.05 cubic feet; 3 boxes ) comprise letters and other papers from former male and female classmates, boyfriends, and relatives that document daily life in Washington and Rochelle, Illinois during the period just prior to, during, and after World War I.

Thomas L. Smith letters, 2009ms132.0113 - The Thomas L. Smith letters (dated 1891-1910; 1.05 cubic feet; 3 boxes) comprise letters that document Thomas Smith and wife during his military service stateside and abroad at the turn of the twentieth century.

Cole family letters, 2009ms132.0124 - The Cole family letters (dated 1881-1908, bulk 1903-1906; 1.4 cubic feet; 4 boxes) comprises letters that document the relationships of multiple generations of the Cole family in Pennsylvania.

William W. Masterson to Lizzie, 1881
William W. Masterson letters, 2009ms132.0153 - The William W. Masterson letters(dated 1877-1885, undated; 0.13 cubic feet; 5 folders) comprise letters that document the efforts of young William Masterson to become sober and turn his life around in the late nineteenth century.

John and Vera Helfrich papers, 2009ms132.0187 - The John and Vera Helfrich papers (dated 1946-1949; 0.11 cubic feet; 3 folders) comprise letters to John and Vera Helfrich that document everyday life in Ohio immediately post-World War II.

Clipping on arrest of Jesse James Price 
Jesse James Price papers, 2009ms132.0197 - The Jesse James Price papers (dated 1950-1963; 0.14 cubic feet; 8 folders) comprise letters, applications, and certificates that document the military service and prison sentence of Jesse Price in Kentucky in the 1950s and early 1960s.

Staunton, Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals clerk papers, 2009ms132.0206 - The Staunton, Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals clerk papers (dated 1870-1890; 0.35 cubic feet; 12 folders) comprises correspondence, recipts, and legal papers that document the activities of the Staunton, Virginia session of hearings for the Supreme Court of Appeals in the late nineteenth century.

Gordon family letters, 2009ms132.0207 - The Gordon family letters (dated 1889-1904; 0.7 cubic feet; 2 boxes) comprise letters that document the movement and growth of the Gordon family in Pennsylvania and Kentucky at the turn of the twentieth century. 

Epworth League secretary's book, 2009ms132.0216 - The Epworth League secretary's book (dated 1910-1911; 0.04 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprises one secretary's book that documents the religious activities and work of a local chapter of the Epworth League in the 1910s.

Page from photograph album of Pauline Bourne-Duryea as a young girl
Pauline Bourne-Duryea papers, 2009ms132.0250 - The Pauline Bourne-Duryea papers (dated 1899-1966, undated; 0.82 cubic feet; 2 document boxes, 1 flat box) comprise letters and photographs that document the social activities, trips taken, costs incurred, and daily life of Pauline Bourne-Duryea in the first half of the twentieth century.

Broadcast message from Voyles to mother after captured by German military
Vilmer Voyles World War II prisoner of war diary, 2009ms132.0267 - The Vilmer Voyles World War II prisoner of war diary (dated 1942-1988, bulk 1942-1945; 0.23 cubic feet; 5 folders) comprises loose papers that make up a diary documenting the experiences of Voyles as a prisoner of war by the German military during World War II in Northern Africa, Italy, and Germany.

Norman Kohlhepp World War I diary and photograph albums, 2009ms132.0270 - The Norman Kohlhepp WWI diary and photograph albums comprise a diary and three photograph albums that document Norman Kohlhepp's service in World War I in Europe.

Kentucky Democratic Party letters, 2009ms132.0277 - The Kentucky Democratic Party letters (dated 1939-1946, undated; 0.25 cubic feet; 10 folders) comprise letters that document the efforts of the Democratic Party to have their representatives elected in Kentucky in the early 1940s.

Leon M. Fisher letters, 2009ms132.0282 - The Leon M. Fisher letters (dated 1888-1968, undated, bulk 1902-1917; 0.68 cubic feet; 2 boxes) comprise letters and papers that document the experiences of Leon Fisher and his family and friends in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts in the early twentieth century.

Lady E. Clarkson letters, 2009ms132.0309 - The Lady E. Clarkson letters (dated 1867-1890, undated; 0.45 cubic feet; 1 box) comprises letters that document the life of Lady Clarkson while attending Stuart's Female College in Shelbyville, Kentucky and later life in Louisville in the last two decades of the nineteenth century.

Hiawatha Gray working on Al Johnson, from Gray's scrapbook
Hiawatha Gray scrapbook, 2009ms132.0328 - The Hiawatha Gray scrapbook (dated 1930-1970; 0.34 cubic feet; 1 box and 1 folder) comprises a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, phtographs, and ephemera that documents Hiawatha Gray's career as a boxing coach throughout the 20th century in Indianapolis.

Jefferson County Jail, Kentucky prisoner record book, 2009ms132.0340 - The Jefferson County Jail, Kentucky prisoner record book (dated 1922-1925; 0.3 cubic feet; 1 box) comprises one record book that documents the inmates of Jefferson County Jail in Kentucky in the mid-1920s.

St. Luke's Hospital patient case history, 1866
St. Luke's Hospital case history records, 2009ms132.0384 - The St. Luke's Hospital case history records (dated 1866-1868; 0.07 cubic feet; 1 item) comprises one record book that documents the patients seen over a six month span in 1866 and reports sent to board members on the activities of St. Luke's Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Lionel Grimes letters, 2009ms132.0402 - The Lionel Grimes letters (dated 1918-1919, undated; 0.02 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprise letters, a newspaper clipping, and two photographs that document the military training and overseas experience of Lionel Grimes during World War I.

Page from the Blackwell's travel diary
Burt and Mildred Blackwell travel diary, 2009ms132.0465 - The Burt and Mildred Blackwell travel diary (dated 1934-1967; 0.15 cubic feet; 1 box) comprises one diary that documents the trips and vacations taken by the Blackwell couple across North and South America, and Europe in the early-to-mid twentieth century.

Victor W. Winton letters, 2009ms132.0520 - The Victor W. Winton letters (dated 1911-1912; 0.03 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprises three letters to Victor and his wife from their son, Victor, while he is studying music in Leipzig, Germany in the early twentieth century.

Hollingsworth family letters, 2009ms132.0537 - The Hollingsworth family letters (dated 1887-1893, undated; 0.035 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprises letters from the Hollingsworth family to their eldest daughter, Laura Vinzant, that document pioneer settler life in Colorado and Kansas during the late nineteenth century.

Mulberry harbor photographs, 2009ms132.0617 - The Mulberry harbor photographs (dated 1944; 0.02 cubic feet; 16 photographs) comprise images that depict the construction and use of Mulberry harbors in World War II.

Paper from Philip Schneider's service in the Middle East during World War II
Philip Schneider papers, 2009ms132.0619 - The Philip Schneider papers (dated 1942-1945, undated; 0.08 cubic feet; 6 folders, 23 photographs) comprises booklets, pamphlets, letters, ration cards, and photographs that document the military service of Schneider in Iran during World War II.