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New Collection Guides on ExploreUK

Illustration from the Adalin Wichman collection, 2012ms382

A new batch of collection guides are now available on ExploreUK! The collections document public policy, Lexington architecture and neighborhoods, Shakespearean theater, Jean-Paul Sartre, and much more. See the full list below:

Sara Holroyd papers, 1987ua004               
The Sara Holroyd papers (dated 1933-2009, undated, bulk 1961-1986; 3.93 cubic feet and 9.28 gigabytes; 2 record storage cartons, 4 document boxes, 1 flat box, and 44 digital files) primarily comprise photographs, audio recordings, scrapbooks, clippings, and programs that document Holroyd's college-level vocal conducting and music education career at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Ky.

The Larry J. Hopkins papers (dated 1967-1994, undated; 199 cubic feet; 432 boxes) consist of the files, correspondence, audiovisual material, photographs, scrapbooks, and speeches generated during Hopkins' service in the U.S. House of Representatives, including material from his Washington, D.C. and Sixth District offices.

The Charles I. Dawson papers (dated 1923-1969, undated; 0.65 cubic feet; 1 box, 1 oversize box) comprise correspondence, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, speeches, publications, ephemera, one scrapbook, case files, commemorative certificates, campaign materials, and personal legal files that document Judge Dawson's private life and his various roles as a Kentucky politician, private attorney, and federal judge.    
The South Hill Neighborhood Association records (dated 1975-1988, undated; 1 cubic foot; 1 box) includes correspondence, photographs, printed materials, and project files documenting the work of the South Hill Neighborhood Association in Lexington, Kentucky. 
The Bell Court Neighborhood Association records (dated 1957-1991; 1.1 cubic feet; 1 box, 1 folder) contains the association's articles of incorporation, projects and grants files, surveys, historic district nomination material, correspondence, minutes, reports, financial records, and newspaper clippings, which document operation of the neighborhood association in Lexington, Kentucky.           

The William H. Qualls planning papers (dated 1974-1997; 8.6 cubic feet; 17 boxes and 16 rolls) contains the detailed planning manuals and drawings for both civilian and military base projects as well as one of Dr. Qualls' lectures from his teaching career and office documents from GRW Engineers, the firm he worked at for 24 years.

The Bullitt-Berry-Hopson family papers (dated 1823-1988, bulk 1823-1911; 1.7 cubic feet; 4 boxes) comprise correspondence, ephemera, photographs, and family history papers that document the extended family of Dr. Owen G. and Virginia Berry Bullitt of Kentucky.

The Edwin C. Gilson architectural records (dated 1925-1996; 3 cubic feet; 2 boxes, 1 oversize box, 4 flat file folders) contains photographs, plot maps, architectural drawings, and a scrapbook regarding building projects in and around Lexington, Kentucky, in the 1930s-1960s as well as photographs of houses built in Lakeland, Florida, in the 1920s.

The Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation records (dated 1920-2006 and undated, bulk 1955-2004 and undated; 49.72 cubic feet, 36 record storage cartons, 10 document boxes, 4 slim document boxes, 3 photograph boxes, 12 flat boxes, 20 tubes) comprise foundational documents; correspondence; Board of Directors meeting minutes and committee records; annual reports; historic preservation awards; publications; grant files and financial and strategic planning records; newspaper clippings and press releases; property surveys, leases, and appraisals; architectural drawings; and photographs, scrapbooks, and artifacts documenting the historic property preservation; historic neighborhood and historic building preservation advocacy; historic zoning political activity; and the museum, events, programs, and membership operations of the Blue Grass Trust in Lexington, Ky., from 1955 to 2006.      
The John A. Morris copybook, (dated 1863-1865, undated; 0.23 cubic feet; 1 box) comprises one 500 page letterpress copybook for the Camp Nelson Union Army base in Jessamine County, Kentucky.              

The Joseph Pearson papers (dated 1863-1888, undated; 0.23 cubic feet; 1 box) comprises three diaries from 1863-1865, one account book, and one tintype photograph that document Joseph Pearson's service as Commissary Sergeant in the 44th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and the 8th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. 
The Todd family papers (dated 1785-1849, undated; 0.1 cubic feet; 1 folder) consist of a bound volume containing typescript and original documents pertaining to Brigadier General Robert Todd and other Todd family members.

The John Arthur Dearinger Memorial Theatre Collection (dated 1826-2016, undated; 26 cubic feet; 40 boxes, 13 oversize boxes, 1 map folder) comprises over 3,600 items of theater-related materials accumulated first as part of research for Kevin Dearinger's book, The Bard in the Bluegrass: Two Centuries of Shakespearean Performance in Lexington, Kentucky (McFarland, 2007).

Viola Allen photograph postcard from the John Arthur Dearinger Memorial Theatre Collection, 2011ms055

The Captain Francis Allyn papers (dated 1814-1925, undated; 0.3 cu. ft.; 21 folders) primarily contains letters sent to Francis Allyn, documenting his work as an Antlantic ship captain and his relationship with the Marquis de Lafayette and the Lafayette family.    
The General Edward H. Hobson papers (dated 1863-1872; 0.1 cubic feet; 1 folder) contains correspondence, financial materials, and a field report composed during the Civil War.

The Kentucky Military Board minute book (dated 1861-1862; 0.1 cubic feet; 1 item) documents the meetings of the Military Board from 1861-1862. 

The Bob W. Brown papers (dated 1953-2003, bulk 1953-1980; 13.05 cubic feet; 25 boxes, 1 oversize box) comprises correspondence, manuscripts of Brown's writings, church publications, newspaper clippings, notes, and class papers, which document Brown's ministerial, activist, and educational activities.

The Adalin Wichman illustrations (1960-1987, undated; 1 cubic feet; 1 box and 1 oversized box) contains original and reproduction fashion illustrations designed by Adalin Wichman as a free-lance illustrator in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Abbey Theatre programmes (dated 1928-1993, undated; 0.45 cubic feet; 1 box) comprise programs for plays held at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, Ireland.    
The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Unity Breakfast programs and recordings (dated 1995-2018; 0.45 cubic feet; 1 box, 3.74 GB, 11 files) primarily consists of event programs and DVD recordings that document the annual Alpha Phi Alpha Unity Breakfast held yearly on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Lexington, Kentucky. 
The Nancy O'Malley collection of research and architectural drawings for the Woodford and Elizabeth Spears House (dated 1895-2018, undated; 0.5 cubic feet; 2 folders, 1 flat file folder) comprises photographs, papers, and architectural drawings that document the Woodford and Elizabeth Spears house located at 221 Stoner Avenue in Paris, Kentucky.

The Ben Reeves Artifacts and Memorabilia Collection on University of Kentucky Athletics (1962-2013, undated; 9 cubic feet; 12 boxes and 1 tube) comprises primarily three-dimensional objects, photograph albums, and videocassette tapes documenting the play, publicity, and marketing of the individual athletes, games, and tournaments of the University of Kentucky football and men's basketball teams from the mid-20th century through the early 21st century.

The Marion Smith correspondence and photograph albums (dated 1917-1976, undated; 1.78 cubic feet; 2 document boxes, 1 flat box) consists primarily of letters written to Marion Smith by her brother, John Smith, and their friends from when both Marion and John were attending college at Western Kentucky State Normal School and Teachers College and at the University of Kentucky, respectively, from 1922-1926. There are also letters Marion wrote to her friends and father, mother, and grandmother (1922-1929, undated), and two photograph albums compiled by Marion documenting family and friends, travel, and her students (1917-1968, undated).

The Charles Martin papers (dated 1863-1876, undated, 2.1 cubic feet; 4 boxes, 1 item) comprise records documenting supply needs and inventories for the 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 16th Army Corps of the Union Army during the United States Civil War.

The Kentucky slave compensation forms (dated 1866-1867; 0.01 cubic feet; 2 folders) includes blank slave compensation forms for the state of Kentucky created by William Brown.    
The Jean-Paul Sartre diary (dated 1951; 0.01 cubic feet; 1 folder) is comprised of 15 handwritten pages documenting one of Jean-Paul Sartre's visits to Rome.

The C.S. Royster papers (dated 1803-1908; 0.1 cubic feet; 1 reel) consist of microfilmed copies of letters sent from and to the Talbot and Denton families of Henderson County, Kentucky.    
The Northside Neighborhood Association (NNA) records (dated 1923-2011; 7.55 cubic feet; 11 boxes and 2 folders) consists of administrative files, correspondence, subject files, newsletters, newspaper clippings, publications, printed materials, photographs, and posters documenting the NNA's 57 years as Lexington's oldest designated historic neighborhood.

The Evans-Peter family papers (dated 1820-1941, 10 boxes, one wrapped item, one map folder) comprises photographs, broadsides, correspondence, short story manuscripts, patent drawings, and a scrapbook which document the Peter and Evans families of Central Kentucky.   
The Lexington Lodge no. 1 records (dated 1797-2017; 18.2 cubic feet; 15 boxes, 15 items) primarily comprise membership records, meeting minutes, ledgers, annual reports, pamphlets, correspondence, and notes that document the membership and administration of the Masonic Lodge, Lexington Lodge no. 1, in Lexington, Kentucky.  
The Hubbard Kavanaugh Milward diary (dated 1864-1865; 0.03 cubic feet; 1 folder) contains the handwritten account of Major Hubbard Kavanaugh Milward of Lexington, Kentucky, during his Civil War service in the Union Army.  
The George W. Didlake diary (dated 1861-1865; 0.01 cubic feet; 1 folder) consists of the original diary, a typed transcript of the diary, and a photocopy of a letter written by George Didlake, which primarily document Didlake's experiences as a prisoner of war during the Civil War.

The Gerald S. Thompson correspondence (dated 1943-1968, undated; 0.45 cubic feet; 1 box) comprises letters written by Gerald S. Thompson of Clark County, Kentucky, to his girlfriend, Harryette Rupard, documenting his service in the United States, Italy, and France with Company A, 550th Airborne Infantry in World War II.      
The Special Commission on Election Reform records (dated 1987-1989; 1.25 cubic feet; 3 boxes) consist of meeting and subject files retained by Commission member Mary Alice Roberts documenting the development of legislation to reduce vote buying and to limit campaign spending in Kentucky elections.

Transylvania Medical College broadside, 1850, from the Evans-Peter family papers, 1997ms301

Samuel Brown diary, 65m4          

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New ExploreUK launching next week

UK Libraries Special Collections Research Center is pleased to announce the new ExploreUK will launch next week! More information on the new site can be found here.

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Beta ExploreUK Available

Beta ExploreUK is now available! The new site was designed to improve discovery and use of UK Libraries’ rare and unique research materials, and is more ADA compliant and mobile friendly. We are actively working on the site and iterative changes will continue after launch. We welcome all suggestions and ideas -- please share these with us on our feedback form (link on top right).

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Newly Digitized Collections on ExploreUK

Curious about hemp manufacturing in Lexington or turn-of-the-century medical practices and midwifery? Or perhaps you’d rather peruse the papers of a railroad detective and a prohibition agent. You can do this and more with the newly digitized collection available on ExploreUK!

The John Brand letter books(dated 1811-1841; 0.1 cubic feet; 1 reel) consist of a microfilmed copy of two letter books belonging to Lexington hemp manufacturer John Brand.

The Lyman Copeland Draper letters to Reuben Thomas Durrett (dated 1882-1886; 0.1 cubic feet; 68 items) consists of letters from Draper to Durrett concerning their mutual interest in the settlement and early history of Kentucky.

The Gordon family papers (dated 1771-1924, bulk 1840-1859; 2 cubic feet; 4 boxes, 1 oversize box, and 1 folder) consists of the correspondence, papers, and a diary of the Gordon family of Georgia and Kentucky. The bulk of the collection consists of letters relating to Neal McDougal Gordon of Nicholasville, Ky., and his work in the education of Presbyterian ministers and the colonization of Liberia.

The Aden G. Lovell papers (dated 1882-1923, undated; 0.1 cubic feet; 3 reels of microfilm) consist of the microfilmed medical record books, receipts, account books, business ledgers, and legal and insurance papers owned by Mt. Vernon physician Aden G. Lovell.

The Charles E. Lowther collection on Mining (dated 1920-1977; 0.1 cubic feet; 1 reel) consists of microfilmed legal agreements between coal operators and labor, by-laws, an employee handbook, pay receipts, and union political ephemera.

The Joseph B. Mathews papers (dated 1890-1932; 0.73 cubic feet; 2 boxes, 1 wrapped item) of civil service files, a letter copying book, a letter, and two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings. The collection document Mathews work for the U.S. government, including his work as a railroad detective and a prohibition agent in New Orleans.

The Midwifery Collection (dated 1926-1932, undated; 0.45 cubic feet; 1 box) consists of reports and rules and regulations concerning midwifery in Eastern Kentucky during the early 20th century.

National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreements, 1947 and 1948

The Sidener family papers (dated 1849-1959, bulk 1853-1859; 0.1 cubic feet; 55 items) consist of correspondence, a diary, and a mimeographed history of the Sugar Ridge Presbyterian Church, which document the Sidener family of Loradale, Kentucky.

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New Collection Guides posted to ExploreUK!

Daniel Weisiger Lindsey journal on the history of architecture, 1861. From the William B. Scott collection on Kentucky Architecture, 2015ms085.

A new batch of collection guides have been added to ExploreUK! The collections document string bands, Kentucky architecture, women authors, Kentuckians during WWII, and affordable housing in Appalachia. See the full list below.

New Collection Guides

The Crockett family papers (dated 1896-2016, undated; 3.09 cubic feet; 5 document boxes, 2 oversize boxes, 4 shoeboxes) comprise song books of original Crockett compositions, scrapbooks of song lyrics and performance reviews, tour itineraries and set lists, correspondence, and photographs that document the Crockett family and their shared professional career as members of the string band music group, the Crockett Family Kentucky Mountaineers.

"Spiders and Alcohol" for Violin. From the Crockett family papers, 2017ms032.

The William B. Scott collection on Kentucky Architecture (dated 1855-1960; 3 cubic feet; 1 flat box, 3 case folders, 6 boxes of rolled drawings) consists of architectural plans, drawings, notebook, and ledger collected by William B. Scott, architectural historian, mainly documenting various architecture firms and individual buildings in Louisville and Frankfort, Kentucky.

The John W. Stevenson papers (dated 1868-1885; 2.25 cubic feet; 5 boxes) consist of diaries, letter books, receipts, and a will, documenting the life and career of Kentucky lawyer and politician John W. Stevenson.

The Isabel McLennan McMeekin papers (dated 1850s-1950s, bulk 1940-1950; 0.9 cubic feet; 4 boxes) consist of manuscripts, photographs, a civil war scrapbook, and a book jacket, which document McMeekin's work as an author.

Dorothy Park Clark and Isabel McLennan McMeekin at Morris Book Shop signing for Show Me a Land, 1940. From the Isabel McLennan McMeekin papers 46m72.

The Dearinger family papers (dated 1864-2007, bulk 1919-1945; 2.8 cubic feet; 5 boxes and 1 item) primarily comprises letters, memoirs, diaries, and World War II related materials, including photographs, that document the service of the Dearinger siblings of Lexington, Kentucky, John Arthur Dearinger, Emily Susan (Sue) Dearinger, and Eugene Lewis Dearinger.

The Melba Porter Hay research files on Madeline McDowell Breckinridge (dated 1834-2008, undated; 3 cubic feet; 3 boxes) primarily comprise research notes, note cards, manuscript drafts, interview notes, and materials that document the research process of Melba Porter Hay while writing Madeline McDowell Breckinridge and the Battle for a New South.

The William K. Hubbell papers (dated 1931-1938, undated; 0.33 cubic feet; 1 box and 1 item) consist of a scrapbook and published copies of writing and photographs by Lexington, Kentucky, writer William K. Hubbell.

The Rogers and Anne Morton papers (dated 1945-1987, undated; 7.06 cubic feet; 32 boxes, 2 items) includes photographs, photograph albums, letters, and memorabilia relating to Rogers and Anne Morton during Morton’s travels as Secretary of the Interior.

The Richard Alexander Spurr papers (dated 1844-1961, bulk 1878-1899; 1.3 cubic feet; 4 boxes, 1 folder) consist of correspondence, financial records, genealogical sketches, autograph albums, photographs, and a recipe book documenting Spurr's career and family life.

The Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises, Inc. (FAHE) records (dated 1967-1992; 20.8 cubic feet; 21 boxes, 1 oversize box) consist primarily of office files and program files relating to FAHE's work on community development and affordable housing in the Appalachian Region.

Revised collections

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January's additions to ExploreUK

This year we are trying something new and announcing each month's newly digitized collections from UK Special Collections Research Center. The following collections were digitized and added to ExploreUK in January 2018. Enjoy! 

The William Jason Fields scrapbook (dated 1911-1923; 0.6 cubic feet; 1 box, 1 item) contains materials he collected during his years in the United States House of Representatives.

The Hathaway family papers are letters, scrapbooks, diaries, and general materials of Leeland Hathaway, his wife, Mattie Wheeler Hathaway, and daughter, Carrie Lee Hathaway.
Scrapbook page from the Hathaway family papers

The Thomas Henry Hines papers, (dated 1772-1954, bulk 1860-1889; 2.84 cubic feet; 10 boxes, 2 items, 3 folders) comprise letters, diaries, legal papers, manuscripts, maps, military documents, newspaper clippings, notebooks, handwritten notes, political papers, printed materials, realia, scrapbooks, and family papers, which document Thomas Henry Hines' career as a Confederate soldier, a Confederate spy, a lawyer, and a judge.

Barrow Unit papers 
The Barrow Unit papers (dated 1899-1957, bulk 1917-1919; 0.1 cubic feet; 1 reel) include correspondence, printed articles, newspaper clippings, official orders, and rosters documenting the military medical unit known as the Barrow Unit, which provided medical services in England to personnel of the United States Army during World War I.

William Sylvester Taylor papers 
The William Sylvester Taylor papers (dated 1899-1937; 0.1 cubic feet; 1 reel) consist of materials related to the Kentucky gubernatorial election of 1899 and its aftermath.

The Marlow Cook moving image and audio recordings
The Marlow Cook moving image and audio recordings (dated 1969-1974, undated; 1.25 cubic feet; 1 box, 2 items) consist of color and black and white 16mm films, reel-to-reel audio recordings and one 2-inch quadruplex videotape documenting the family life and political career of Marlow W. Cook (1926-2016), member of the United States Senate from Kentucky in the 91st, 92nd and 93rd Congresses (1969-1974).

Caleb Powers papers
The Caleb Powers papers (dated 1900-1941; 6 cubic feet; 9 boxes, 1 item) consist of materials relating to the third and fourth trials of Caleb Powers, which took place during 1903-1904 and 1907-1908.

Clinton Jones True papers
Clinton Jones True served in the Civil War as a captain in the 40th Regiment and a colonel in the 53rd Regiment of the Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. After the Civil War, True was appointed consul on the island of St. Thomas by President Ulysses S. Grant. After disappearing in the early 1880s, True was later declared legally dead. The Clinton Jones True papers consist of various military papers, correspondence, a copper engraving, and broadsides relating to the life of Clinton Jones True. Letters concerning health, money, and other personal matters from True to his wife, Harriet, comprise the bulk of the correspondence. 

UK Libraries Special Collections Research Center Digitizes Original Early English Romantics Manuscripts

University of Kentucky Libraries Special Collections Research Center recently organized and digitized the W. Hugh Peal Manuscript Collection, comprising approximately 7,000 items (43.94 cubic feet) of original letters and documents of English and American Romantic and early Victorian authors. The collection is available on the University of Kentucky digital library ExploreUK.
Print of Charles Lamb, Mary Lamb and the Lamb family.

W. Hugh Peal (1989-1987) was a native Kentuckian, a lawyer and UK alumnus. He collected books, manuscripts and letters while a Rhodes Scholar in Oxford (where he obtained law degrees in 1924 and 1925) and continued during his law practice in New York City in the 1930s and 1940s. His collections, along with his acquisition books and journals, were donated to UK in 1981.
The Peal Manuscript Collection represents one of the strongest holdings of original documents of the early English Romantics in the United States. The core of the manuscript collection centers around the best-known Romantic authors, Charles Lamb (98 letters), Samuel Taylor Coleridge (51 letters), William Wordsworth (37 letters) and Robert Southey (64 letters and 16 manuscripts).  
Charles Lamb manuscript, "How I Want Thee, Humorous Hogarth," 1826.

American authors comprise approximately 900 items, including Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) and William Dean Howells.
There are manuscript letters or poems by virtually every significant English author who wrote during the period 1790 to 1830. English Victorian era authors (1830-1900) are also represented, including several letters from Charles Dickens, as well as English writers from 1880-1940. 
In addition, there are letters and manuscripts by French authors and politicians, including Jean Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire and Alexis de Tocqueville.
Robert Southey letter to William Wordsworth from the Peal Collection.

The Special Collections Research Center (SCRC) at UK Libraries sustains the Commonwealth’s memory and serves as the essential bridge between past, present and future. By preserving materials documenting the social, cultural, economic and political history of Kentucky, the SCRC provides rich opportunities for students to expand their worldview and enhance their critical thinking skills. SCRC materials are used by scholars worldwide to advance original research and pioneer creative approaches to scholarship. UK Libraries SCRC is the Archives, the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, the King Library Press, the Wendell H. Ford Public Policy Research Center, the Bert T. Combs Appalachian Collection, the John G. Heyburn Initiative and ExploreUK.

For more information on the Peal Collection, contact Sarah Dorpinghaus, director of Digital Services, at sarah.dorpinghaus@uky.edu or 857-257-3329, or Megan Mummey, collections management archivist, at megan.mummey@uky.edu or 859-257-6942