Monday, August 25, 2008

There were never such devoted sisters ...

If you’ve been anywhere near campus over the last week, it’s been hard to miss the rows of college women lined up outside of sorority houses, walking across campus in summer dresses, or gathered around Memorial Hall in white dresses. Last week marked the annual open house and recruitment week for UK sororities, a long-standing tradition which includes the 1,900+ sorority members and recruits.
A look at UK sorority life (from top to bottom):
Alpha Gamma Delta sisters with a sheep in front of their sorority house, 1969 (2001ua025:2843)
A band plays at a sorority function, 1969 (2001ua025:2347)
A Raggedy Ann skit at a sorority house, 1968 (2001ua025:2819)
Sorority members run from “Sorority Row” toward Rose St., 1972 (2001ua025:2867)
-- JC

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