Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sesquicentennial Stories: The Promise of UK #145

Dean F. Paul Anderson teaching tricks to Jerry

Jerry was an English Airedale terrier who belonged to Dean F. Paul Anderson.   F. Paul Anderson was dean of mechanical engineering from 1892-1918 and dean of engineering from 1918-1934.  According to the April 7, 1922 Kentucky Kernel, Jerry was distinguished for his rare intellectual attainments and loyalty. The ordinary conversation was almost entirely understood by Jerry. His whole being responds to his master's every word and he missed little that any one else said. 
Jack Dicker with Jerry in headphones listening to his master's voice from Pittsburgh's KDKA radio station
On April 3, 1922, when Jerry heard his master's voice broadcast from radio station KDKA, at Pittsburgh Jerry responded joyously. Dean Anderson concluded his address entitled, "Engineering and Happiness," with a message to his dog. It follows: "In a far away town, a faithful Airedale terrier, who can recognize his master's voice over the telephone, is listening in tonight, with the college boys who have made a wireless of unusual quality. Here's to you, Jerry, be a good dog, and I will return to you. There is nothing in all the world that can take your place in my affections. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Good night." 
The sundial can be seen near the middle of the photograph.  Mechanical Hall is behind.
Jerry was a fixture on the early UK campus and students enjoyed his presence.  When Jerry passed away in 1930, Dean Anderson buried him next to a sundial honoring the dog near Mechanical Hall. 

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