Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New additions to ExploreUK

We are pleased to announce two recent additions to ExploreUK.

Samuel Perkins Gilmore prints, 1718-1935

Samuel Perkins Gilmore was born in Somerset, Kentucky on February 26, 1868. He received his public school education in Somerset and began practicing as a dermatologist in San Francisco in 1891. He moved to New York in the early twentieth century and lived there till his death in 1948. During his nearly fifty years of practice in New York City, he treated many Hollywood and Broadway actresses, and often traveled to Europe. He remained fond of his hometown of Somerset and upon his death, left his collection to the Somerset Board of Education.

Collection consists of 674 photographs, etchings and engravings of prominent literary, artistic, military and political figures, primarily representative of nineteenth century European and American society.

Méthode raisonée pour apprendre la musique d’une façon plus claire et plus précise à laquelle on joint l’étendue et les cadences de la flute traversière, l’étendue du violon, du pardessus de viole, de la vielle et de la musette : leur accord, quelques observations sur la touche desdits instruments et des leçons simples, mesurées et variées, suivies d’un recueil d’airs en duo, faciles et connus pour la plus part. Ouvrage fait pout la comodité des maîtres et l’utilité des ecoliers. (1755)

Musical score in three parts: Second livre ou recueil d’airs en duo ; Troisième recueil d’airs en duo ; and Recueils d’airs avec accompagnement de flute ou violon ou pardessus de viole.

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