Thursday, July 17, 2014

Collection on Manuscript Documents from Spain, 1139-1798 now on ExploreUK

We're pleased to announce the Collection on Manuscript Documents from Spain has been digitized and is now available on ExploreUK.

Document Signed. Pere Guinard. In Dei nomine ego Pere Guinard et uxor su, 1139

The collection (dated 1139-1798; 5.85 cubic feet; 921 items) includes legal documents, ecclesiastical records, and personal papers in Latin, Spanish, Catalan, French, and Italian generated by Spanish dukes, counts, clerics, students, merchants, property owners, and many others. It also includes documents, edicts, and decrees endorsed or initiated by several Spanish kings including Ferdinand the Catholic (Ferdinand V); King Peter of Aragon; Philip II, Philip III, Philip IV, and Philip V; and Charles I, Charles, II, Charles III, and Charles IV. A few of the documents are signed by kings and princes, including numbers 153, 418, and 470 (Felipe IV); 158 and 161 (Felipe V); 698 (Felipe II); and 694 (Prince Carlos, son of Philip II). Other notables that appear frequently in this collection include the Duque de Abrantes, the Conde de Aguilar, the Marqués de Montealegre, the Conde de Oñate, and the Duque de Sesar. A complete index of personal names can be found in the Special Collections Research Room.

A large portion of the collection consists of legal documents such as wills, bills of sale, and property transfers. Other materials include personal letters, marriage announcements, personal tributes, appointments, and genealogical records. The oldest document is number 753, dated 1139. The largest document is number 672, which is 58 cm by 64 cm. Document number 755 was written on February 15, 1212, five months before the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, the last stand of Muslims versus Christians.

Taken as a whole, this diverse group of documents the opportunity to study Spanish history and culture, linguistics, social mores, and economy from the twelfth through eighteenth centuries.

Document Signed [multiple documents and signatures]. Duque de Abrantes. El duque de Abrantes. Marqués de Valdefuentes

Document Signed. Notary. In nomine Dei, amen. Per hoc [...] publicum, 1505

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