Sunday, September 14, 2014

For Medicinal Purposes Only

You never quite know what you'll stumble upon in the stacks.

This Prohibition-era "Whiskey 'Antique'" bottle was found hidden in a medical book called Legal Medicine. The inscription reads "A gift from Dr. W. O. Bullock to Samuel M. Wilson at the annual 'Book Party' at Landover. 12th February 1929." 

This bourbon was bottled in Frankfort, Ky. by  the G. G. White Co. in 1913 for "medicinal purposes only".

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting that Dr. Bullock sent this. He and his wife, Minnie, lived in the Bodley-Bullock House on Gratz Park. Minnie left the house to Transy in her estate and stated in her will that no alcohol should be in the house. It appears Dr. Bullock found creative ways to hide alcohol!