Friday, August 19, 2016

Mortuary of Lexington, Kentucky Scrapbook

The John M. McCalla Mortuary of Lexington Kentucky Scrapbook has been digitized and is now available on ExploreUK.

This scrapbook contains funeral notices and newspaper obituaries collected by General John M. McCalla (1793-1873). McCalla began to collect funeral notices when he was a child and eventually amassed a collection of over 400 notices. The notices and obituaries in this scrapbook are primarily for the funerals of citizens of Lexington, Kentucky. The collection covers a period of over 40 years (1802-1846) and includes notices for prominent Kentuckians like Henry Clay, Eliza Todd (mother of Mary Todd Lincoln), and Charles Wilkins (then-owner of Mammoth Cave).

 Funeral notice for Mrs. Jane Luckie, killed by lightning at the Presbyterian Church, funeral held July 21, 1817
Funeral notice for Mr. John Boswell, killed in a duel, funeral held April 19, 1818

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