Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Collection Guides Available on ExploreUK

The University of Kentucky Libraries Special Collections Research Center is pleased to announce the following collections are now available on ExploreUK.

  • Margaret Shannon papers (2009ms175): The Margaret Shannon papers (dated 1961-1987; 6 cubic feet; 6 boxes) consists of the files, records, and printed materials created and collected by Margaret Shannon during her time as the Special Projects Director of the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) during the 1970s.
  • Frankel and Curtis records (2009ms105): The Frankel and Curtis architectural drawings collection (dated 1897-1974, undated; 10 cubic feet; 161 tubes, 5 boxes) comprises drawings, office records, photographs, and scrapbooks documenting the firm’s designs at various stages of completion, from architectural plans and specifications to finished buildings.
  • Ann Pancake collection on Pauline Canterberry (2015ms040): The Ann Pancake collection on Pauline Canterberry (dated 2004-2014; 0.15 cubic feet; 1 folder) consists of letters written by Pauline Canterberry to author Ann Pancake concerning coal mining and mountain top removal in Sylvester, West Virginia.  
  • Prichard Committee records (2013ms0846): The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence records (dated 1941-2016, undated; 184.44 cubic feet; 232 boxes, 7 oversize boxes) comprise administrative files, project files, meeting materials, correspondence, publications, and audiovisual materials that document the Lexington, Kentucky, advocacy group’s commitment to promoting and ensuring quality education for all Kentuckians.
  • Margaret Lantis papers (2001ua062): The Margaret Lantis papers (dated 1871-2001, undated, 42.79 cubic feet, 56 boxes) consists of biographical information, correspondence, photographic prints, artifacts, slides, publications and journals, and research files, which document the career of prominent female anthropologist Margaret Lantis.    
  • Ed Greif Genealogy Collection (2015ms089): The Edward Greif Genealogy collection (dated 1628-2007, undated; 10.52 cubic feet, 17 boxes) primarily comprises genealogical records, correspondence, and photographs arranged alphabetically by family name that document various Western Kentucky families including the Greif, Gholson, and Stith families.  
  • Richard B. Isenhour architectural drawings (2016ms030): The Richard B. Isenhour architectural drawings, (dated 1952-1989; 1.5 cubic feet; 10 folders) comprise construction drawings for homes built in Lexington, Kentucky, by architect Richard B. Isenhour, who heavily used the mid-century modern architectural style.  
  • Thomas Merton Collection (2006ms071): The Thomas Merton Collection (dated 1949-1971, undated; 0.45 cubic feet; 1 box) comprises an artificial collection of American Catholic monk and spiritual writer Thomas Merton related manuscripts and correspondence.   
  • Thomas Merton papers (75m28): The Thomas Merton papers (dated 1940-1974, undated; 5.5 cubic feet; 14 boxes) include correspondence, literary manuscripts, and photographs, which document Merton’s career as a monk and spiritual writer.
  • Tebbs/Prewitt family papers (1997ms118): The Tebbs/Prewitt family papers (dated 1816-1985, bulk 1840-1965; cubic feet; 52 boxes, 6 wrapped items, 2 map folders) comprise correspondence, legal documents, financial papers, journals, diaries, a ledger, schoolwork, notebooks, grades, photographs, daguerreotypes, prints, memo books, pocket books, certificates, a diploma, a hunting license, dental records, music books, scrapbooks, microfilm, recipes, genealogical information, maps, newspapers, newspaper clippings, books, booklets, calendars, drawings, lists, mailed advertisements, magazines, memorabilia, pamphlets, play bills, paper dolls, a poem, photocopies, and transcripts.                
  • Ronald D Eller papers (2013ua007): The Ronald D Eller papers (dated 1852-2013, undated; 38.2 cubic feet; 36 record storage cartons, 1 half record storage carton, 3 flat boxes, 1 wrapped item) comprise administrative files, research files, and correspondence that primarily document Eller’s academic and administrative career in Appalachian studies with the University of Kentucky’s Appalachian Center and his professional projects with national and regional organizations to improve Appalachian economic development.
  • Georgia Davis Powers papers (2011ms024): The Georgia Davis Powers papers (1949-2012, undated; 8.77 cubic feet; 12 document cases, 3 record storage carton, and 4 flat boxes) comprises scrapbooks, subject files, correspondence, speeches, notepads, manuscripts, photographs, audiocassettes, video tapes, and publications relating to Georgia Davis Powers’ political career and social activism.     
  • Laura Clay music collection (2011ms043): The Laura Clay music collection (dated 1810-1901, undated; 1.3 cubic feet; 5 boxes) primarily comprises 19th century sheet music of works for piano and voice that were collected by Laura Clay.
  • Pauline Canterberry papers (2014ms0253): The Pauline Canterberry papers (dated 1920s-2012, bulk 1987-2012; 3 cubic feet; 7 boxes, 1 oversized folder) document Pauline Canterberry’s and Mary Miller’s work to defend Sylvester, West Virginia, from coal dust pollution caused by Massey Energy’s Elk Run Facility.
  • James Still photographs and sound recordings (pa87m12): The James Still photographs and sound recordings (dated circa 1890s-2001, undated; 5.45 cubic feet; 12 boxes) are the personal photographs and sound recordings of the writer James Still.
  • Eastern Kentucky Housing Development Corporation records (1997ms353) The Eastern Kentucky Housing Development Corporation, Inc. (EKHDC) records (dated 1954-1983, undated; 98.5 cubic feet; 93 boxes, 34 case folders, 2 tubes) documents the activities of the first rural housing demonstration project funded by the United States Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO). Organized into series by format and project focus, the records include various forms of documentation such as house plans, enrollee case files, blueprints, maps, contracts, policies, guidelines, financial reports, invoices and material inventories.
  • Reel World String Band records (2016ms014): The Reel World String Band records (dated circa 1971-2016, undated; 8.14 cubic feet; 19 boxes, 2 oversize boxes) primarily comprise promotional fliers, concert posters, contracts, programs, and articles that document the Kentucky women’s band and its commitment to social justice advocacy from the band’s founding in 1977 to the present.
  • Marita Garin papers (2012ms078): The Marita Garin papers (dated 1962-2012, undated; 0.45 cubic feet; 1 box) consists of autobiographical information, correspondence, manuscripts, publications, awards, contracts, and photographs relating to the education and creative writing career of Appalachian poet Marita Garin.
  • Kentucky Rivers Coalition records (89m2): The Kentucky Rivers Coalition records (dated 1889, 1937-1988, undated; 39.53 cubic feet, 49 boxes) primarily comprises operating records, subject files, publications, and photographs that document the work of the Kentucky Rivers Coalition and the environmental protection efforts of federal and state governments in the eastern and mid-western United States.
  • Cumberland River and Big Sandy Railroad Company records (2013ms0889): The Cumberland River and Big Sandy Railroad Company records (dated 1881-1903, bulk 1884-1886; 0.73 cubic feet; 2 boxes and 1 oversize folder) primarily includes correspondence among Kentucky and Tennessee landowners, including Charles H. Ladds, Edward Livingston, Henry W. Smithers, and Charles S. Perkins.
  • Hall & Trotter stagecoach passenger book (2013ms0052): The Hall & Trotter stagecoach passenger book (dated 1832-1834; 0.04 cubic feet; 1 item) comprises a passenger book for the Hall & Trotter stagecoach line, documenting early transportation in Kentucky.        
  • Nancy Lewis Greene papers (1997ms449): The Nancy Lewis Greene papers (dated 1816-1951, undated; 2.6 cubic feet, 11 boxes) comprise personal, family, and professional correspondence; drafts and writings; photographs; and notebooks documenting Greene’s career as an author.
  • Carl West papers (2016ms028): The Carl West papers (dated 1900, 1960-2016, undated; 11.23 cubic feet; 11 boxes, 8 flat boxes) consist of subject files, planning binders, newspaper articles and columns, awards, and photographs spanning West’s career in journalism.     
  • McCormick Lumber Company records (92m1): The McCormick Lumber Company records (dated 1910-1978, undated; 20.1 cubic feet; 12 document cases, 1 slim document case, 1 record storage carton, 14 flat boxes) consists of contracts and architectural drawings for the McCormick Lumber Company of Lexington, Kentucky.
  • Gatewood Galbraith papers (2014ms0254): The Gatewood Galbraith papers (dated 1935-2013, undated; 12 cubic feet; 26 boxes) comprises correspondence, campaign materials, posters, bumperstickers, apparel, hemp artifacts, buttons, video tapes, audio cassettes, photographs, printed materials, and subject files, which document Gatewood Galbraith’s career in Kentucky politics and as a cannabis activist.
  • Marlow Cook moving image and audio recordings (2012ms085): The Marlow Cook moving image and audio recordings (dated 1969-1974, undated; 1.25 cubic feet; 1 box, 2 items) consist of color and black and white 16mm films, reel-to-reel audio recordings and one 2-inch quadruplex videotape documenting the family life and political career of Marlow W. Cook (1926-2016), member of the United States Senate from Kentucky in the 91st, 92nd and 93rd Congresses (1969-1974).

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