Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Indomitable Spirits: Prohibition in the United States online exhibit

Friday brought the launch of the much-anticipated Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). Digital objects from a number of repositories across the country, including the University of Kentucky Special Collections, are now searchable via a single portal. DP.LA also hosts several exhibits featuring materials from the six service hubs. Topics include activism, the Great Depression and New Deal, and national parks. University of Kentucky Libraries faculty and staff collaborated on Indomitable Spirits: Prohibition in the United States, which spotlights images, documents, oral histories, and newspapers from UK Special Collections.

State Theatre (movie theater), 220 East Main, exterior; ticket booth decorated for "See America Thirst," 1931  (Lafayette Studios photographs: 1930s decade)

James E. Pepper Company (bourbon whiskey distillery); L&N (Louisville & Nashville) Railroad box car, banner, 1932 (Lafayette Studios photographs: 1930s decade)

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