Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Fun? Well Rather" The Diary of Virginia Clay McClure - part of the Sesquicentennial Stories Series

October 8, 1910

Went with Miss Whaley to Experiment Station and then to Transylvania.  Like State much better.

Jessie Milton persuaded me to go with her to the North Carolina game.  Therese, the optimist, perfectly happy and confident of victory. North Carolina men regular giants, and our team looked like children. No score in the first two quarters, but Shanklin made two touchdowns and kicked goal once, making the score 11 to 0 in our favor in the last two quarters.  Everybody played a grand game, especially Dick Webb and Bryan Shanklin, who is the most remarkable player I ever saw.  Somebody said N.C. would have to kill “Deaf” if they wanted to win. “Head em’ off.”

After supper all girls gathered in the parlor and yelled everything from, “Well, well, well” to “Rickety-rackety-russ.”!  Then had  a parade from first to second, to third floor, then down, and out in the yard, singing, “Well it looks like to me  ‘tis a shirt-tail parade.” Got on the steps and gave all the yells, and a few boys down in the yard answered us.  In a little while the “Night Shirt Parade” came – 500 boys, more or less, in night-shirts and caps, yelling, singing, beating the drum. Everybody wild with joy.

“Louisville Club” gave a reception at Patt. Hall for the two teams, but the visitors had gone. Boys came on with their night-shirts on, and all had a flash-light picture in the dining-room.  Prof. White says he can’t go to the match games, because he gets so excited he doesn’t get over it for a week or two.

*Inserted here is a small card with a comic and the title ‘Louisville Club’.  It reads “Don’t foul, don’t shirk, But hit the line hard” – C.R.

That is what our fellows do, and the other team finds it out sooner or later, to their infinite discomfort and regret.  “We run this place, we do,” and other places, too.

*A similar card with the same title but a different comic is inserted here.  It reads, “ Their course in Latin grammar, They consider “hard as sin,”, But one subject quite delights them, ‘Tis the gender feminine.”

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