Friday, July 9, 2021

New Additions to ExploreUK

The following collections and items are now available on ExploreUK.

 Archival collections

·         Archibald and Joseph Logan papers 

·         Sanford Thomas Roach Dunbar High School basketball films 

·         Todd family papers

·         Manjushri V Bhapkar photographs of Cafe LMNOP and Fourth of July parade 

·         Wade Hall Collection of American Letters: Elsie Munson letters 

·         Wade Hall Collection of American Letters: Oriel C. Jones letters     


Evangeliary, 15th century (one of several medieval manuscripts that will be going online with enhanced description)

The University of Kentucky: Its History and Development, 1956

 Bible Creation vs. Fundamentalists and Modernists Creation 

 Educational Bulletin (Kentucky), March 1933-February 1941 (first batch of a larger digitization project) 

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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati Maps now online


Over 30 maps of Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati have been digitized and added to ExploreUK

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Monday, February 15, 2021

Mexicana Items Available Online

Select items from the Lou Emma Wilson Mexicana Collection have been digitized and are available online via ExploreUK.

The Lou Emma Wilson Mexicana Collection includes manuscripts, books, other printed materials, and photographs representing all aspects of Mexican culture from the 16th century through the present. This growing collection is made possible through a special endowment established by Dr. Alberta Wilson Server, Professor of Romance Languages at the University of Kentucky, in 1963 to honor her mother Lou Emma Wilson. More of the collection, including several rare books, can be found through the library catalog.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Digitized Audio and Film Added to ExploreUK

 The following audiovisual collections have been digitized and are now accessible online via ExploreUK.

Edward T. Ned Breathitt films (films 1.1, 2.1, 3, and 5)

The Edward T. Ned Breathitt films (dated 1963; 3 cubic feet; 22 items) comprise 16mm chemical moving image films that document rallies, speeches and campaign commercials created by and for Edward Breathitt's 1963 campaign for Governor of Kentucky.

Dunbar High School basketball films

The Dunbar High School basketball films (dated 1958-1964; 1 cubic feet; 19 items) comprise game footage of the Dunbar High School boy's basketball team against various opponents primarily on their home court.

The Louisville Free Public Library, WFPL, and WFPK Radio audio recordings

The Louisville Free Public Library, WFPL, and WFPK Radio audio recordings (dated 1954-1997; 21 cubic feet; 21 boxes) consists of audio recordings on 1/4 in. reel-to-reel audiotape and grooved audiodiscs from WFPL and WFPK Radio in Louisville, Ky.

Katherine Peden campaign film

The Katherine Peden campaign film (dated 1968 November; 1 cubic feet; 1 item) consists of a campaign film for Katherine Peden's run for Kentucky United States Senate in 1968.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


In the Jim Crow South, the “white primary” was the first line of attack to prevent Black Americans from voting. But in 1944, a Kentucky native on the Supreme Court helped end the tactic in a case called Smith v. Allwright. In the exhibit, “Black Voters, White Primaries”, UK's John G. Heyburn II Initiative explores voter suppression then and now. BONUS: Josh Douglas, elections expert in the Rosenberg College of Law, weighs in on voter suppression this election season. Don’t forget to vote!



Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Additional Resources Added to ExploreUK

Online and open access to archival resources is more important now than ever in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and racial unrest across the United States and beyond. With that in mind, SCRC is happy to announce the following collections are available on ExploreUK.

Norman Family papers

The Norman family papers (dated 1787, 1877-1899; 0.2 cubic feet; 2 folders) consist of a mathematics copybook written by Reuben Norman for his son Caleb Norman. The copybook contains significant handwritten marginalia from Caleb as well as many others. The collection also includes several letters from the late nineteenth century, including one written by L.C. Norman, president of the Old McBrayer Distilling Company in 1899.

Cassius M. Clay journal

The Cassius M. Clay journal and papers (dated 1826-1941, undated; 0.25 cubic feet; 1 box, 2 folders) primarily comprises a journal kept by abolitionist Cassius M. Clay to document financial and business transactions.

Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass records bulletins and newspapers

The Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass records (dated 1939-2015, bulk 1977-2011; 6.07 cubic feet and 13.7 gigabytes; 11 boxes, 2 items, and 14,228 digital files) contain administrative records, publications, bulletins, financial records, photographs, meeting minutes, committee records, ledger books, and digital files documenting the community events, activities, and operation of the Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass. The bulletins and newspapers have been digitized

Richard B. Isenhour architectural drawings

The Richard B. Isenhour architectural drawings (dated 1952-1989; 4 cubic feet; 14 folders) comprise design drawings for 80 residences and one medical building designed by architect Richard B. Isenhour, with most of the properties in Lexington, Kentucky, but also including structures in South Carolina, Florida, and North Carolina from 1952 to 1989.

Kentucky Negro Education Association journals

The Kentucky Negro Education Association journals (dated 1916-1952, 68 volumes) include proceedings of the organization's meetings and official publications. The organization was formed when State Superintendent of Public Instruction H. A. Henderson in 1877 when he gathered 45 Negro educators and trustees to form the State Association of Colored Teachers. In 1913 it was renamed the Kentucky Negro Educational Association (KNEA). This representative body of Kentucky's Negro educators was an influential lobbying group for education issues. Annual conferences were held in Louisville, KY. In response to desegregation, the organization was renamed the Kentucky Teachers Association, though it was still referred to in general conversation as KNEA. In 1956, KNEA was subsumed into the formerly all white Kentucky Education Association. KNEA was the predecessor to present day organizations such as the Kentucky Association of Blacks in Higher Education. 

Laura Clay papers

The Laura Clay papers (dated 1819-1959, bulk 1906-1920; 13.63 cubic feet; 34 boxes, 2 folders, 3 items) consists of correspondence, pamphlets, periodicals, organizational records, petitions, scrapbooks, broadsides, programs, legal documents, and suffrage pins and ribbons, which document the career of Kentucky suffragist Laura Clay. These are in addition to the Laura Clay photographs

WAVE television Louisville, Kentucky busing films

WAVE-TV Louisville news coverage of the 1975 federal court order to racially integrate the Jefferson County Public Schools through busing. This court order was supported and protested through a number of public demonstrations and rallies on both sides of the debate. These are the edited news footage packages that were shown during the nightly reporting of the events and issues around desegregation of the Louisville, Kentucky public school system beginning in July and running through December of 1975.