Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Fun? Well Rather" The Diary of Virginia Clay McClure - part of the Sesquicentennial Stories Series

April 12-14, 1911

Apr. 12th.  No “education” class.

Apr. 13th. Skipped same.

Apr. 14th.  No “Education” Class.  Prof. Noe is on a “tare” and is very funny in English. Jessie Mit and I get our tickets reserved for “Brown of Harvard.”  Mrs. Humphrey calls for us to go to Miss Barbee’s and we wait for Edna who has had the dire misfortune to lose her stockings.  Race. wind. the Nicholasville car “Prohibition crowd going to Nicholasville to celebrate?”  Beautiful home.  Met Laura Clay, Mrs. Barbee, and Lena Barbee, mother and sister of “Dick” Barbee of football fame at State.  Untangled a wonderful web of string and found a big chocolate cross at the end thereof.  Very eventful and pleasant evening.  Hannah Jochum saved my life in French class Friday by feeding me Hershey’s Nut.  I hadn’t had any breakfast.

Monday, April 13, 2015

"Fun? Well Rather" The Diary of Virginia Clay McClure - part of the Sesquicentennial Stories Series

 April 13, 1911

Went to Dr. Frank Dixon’s lecture, by grace of “Shiny”.  Received at the door the accompanying small card which was very puzzling to us all, until Prof. Spahr said write thereon the name of the lecturer you thought best.  I’ve heard three, and Dr. Dixon is my choice.  However, I could not rate “Corsets”, “Socialism.” Jessie Mit and I had to keep on our coats.  I read Latin at six o’clock the next morning.

Apr. 13th. Wrote “Higher Education for M.S.C.I Graduates,” for the M.S.C.I. Annual.  Also, sent “Hamlet” and two of Charlie Blevins poems.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Get Taste of Local Foodways at ‘From Plows to Plates’

Please join us for a panel discussion and exhibit about Kentucky foodways at 4:00 pm, April 9 in the Great Hall of the Margaret I. King Library.  A local foods reception, resource fair, and University Press of Kentucky authors book signing will follow.

More information: http://uknow.uky.edu/content/get-taste-local-foodways-plows-plates

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1559737764303422/

Friday, April 3, 2015

Lexington Coffee Co., 1930

Lexington Coffee Co. building in April of 1930, home of the College Coffee Club. The building currently houses the Group CJ Advertising Studio.

96pa101 #663b, Lafayette Studios photographs