Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Whole bunch of new collection guides!

Folks at the UK Libraries Special Collection Research Center have been BUSY. Below is a list of all the new and updated collection guides (a.k.a. finding aids in archives lingo) available on ExploreUK. Highlights include:

Here’s the full list:
  • Hellmut Lehmann-Haupt papers (62m3); The Hellmut Lehmann-Haupt papers (dated 1909-1978; 8.8 cubic feet; 22 boxes) consist of manuscripts, books, pamphlets, photographs, negatives, books, and research material, which document his career as a bibliographer,     author, and teacher.
  • Lawrence Sidney Thompson Printing in Colonial Spanish America manuscript (63m259) The Lawrence Sidney Thompson Printing in Colonial Spanish America manuscript (dated 1962, undated; 0.35 cubic feet; 1 box) consists of the typescript, illustrations, and photographic negatives for the text written by Hensley C. Woodbridge and Lawrence S. Thompson.
  • George Blackburn Kinkead papers (64m101) The George Blackburn Kinkead papers (dated 1905-1940; 0.6 cubic feet; 2 boxes) contain addresses and scrapbooks belonging to George Blackburn Kinkead, a Lexington, Kentucky attorney.
  • Leonard R. Casper Robert Penn Warren: The Dark and Bloody Ground manuscript (64m140) The Leonard R. Casper Robert Penn Warren: The Dark and Bloody Ground manuscript (dated circa 1960; 0.3 cubic feet; 1 box) consists of two manuscript drafts and handwritten notes for Robert Penn Warren: The Dark and Bloody Ground, a critique of several major works by Robert Penn Warren.
  • Lancaster family papers (65m200) The Lancaster family papers (dated 1780-1916, undated; 1.35 cubic feet; 3 boxes) consists of letters and business papers, which document the Lancaster family of Georgetown, Kentucky.
  • Port Surgeon's Division, Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation photographs (65m24) The Port Surgeon's Division, Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation photographs (dated 1942-1946; 0.75 cubic feet; 3 boxes) consists of a historical report concerning the Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation during World War II and photographs used to illustrate the report.
  • James Lyle Cassidy railroad collection (68m53) The James Lyle Cassidy railroad collection (dated 1945-1966; 1.13 cubic feet; 3 boxes) contains pamphlets, short books, photographs, mementos, and magazines about trains and railways with a focus on the southern United States during the mid twentieth century.
  • Family Service of Lexington and Fayette County records (68m65) The Family Service of Lexington and Fayette County records (dated 1945-1961; 0.45 cubic feet; 1 box) include annual reports, board member correspondence, meeting agendas, and minutes relating to the work of the agency within the Fayette County, Kentucky community.
  • American Library Association Committee on Resources     of Southern Libraries records (68m89) The American Library Association Committee on Resources of Southern Libraries records (dated 1934-1938, undated; 0.23 cubic feet; 1 box) consists of a collection of surveys gathered for a report edited by Margaret I. King about sources available in Kentucky libraries in the 1930s.
  • Henry Clay papers (71m13) The Henry Clay papers (dated 1813-1852; 0.23 cubic feet; 1 box) consists of letters, financial notes, a print, campaign buttons, a ribbon, and a newspaper that all relate to Kentucky politician Henry Clay.
  • Victor and Carolyn Hammer papers (1997ms409) The Victor and Carolyn Hammer papers collection contains articles and book manuscripts by the prominent printer Victor Hammer, biographical manuscripts written about Victor Hammer after his death, Carolyn Hammer's papers collected for King Library while she was curator of rare books for the University of Kentucky, as well as, the financial and business records for Anvil Press.
  • Clifford Amyx papers (1999ua082) The Clifford Amyx papers (dated 1957-1997, undated; 6.37 cubic feet; 17 boxes, 3 flat boxes, 1 wrapped item) comprise correspondence, collected works, research materials, stamp collection, slides, and artworks that document the work of Amyx as a professor of art and art history in the University of Kentucky Art Department; his work to index and analyze the portraiture of Henry Clay and the imagery of Daniel Boone; and his work as an artist.
  • Zachary family papers (2007ms089) The Zachary family letters (dated 1934-1945; 1.13 cubic feet; 3 boxes) primarily consist of letters written during World War II from serviceman Alvin L. Zachary to his wife Nettie Rich Zachary of Liberty, Kentucky.
  • Calvin C. Morgan music collection (2009ms068) The Calvin C. Morgan music collection (dated circa 1900-1901; 0.26 cubic feet; 1 box) contains 14 items: 10 handwritten original music compositions by Calvin C. Morgan, two musical arrangements of Calvin C. Morgan original works by Robert Crawfor and Evan B. Spiers, and two pieces of text that appear to contain lyrical content by Calvin C. Morgan or seem related to other pieces in the collection.
  • Kentuckians for the Commonwealth records (2010ms005) The Kentuckians for the Commonwealth records (dated 1969-2014, undated; 30.71 cubic feet; 30 record storage cartons, 3 document storage boxes, 1 flat box) comprises operating records, newsletters, publications, videotapes, audio cassettes, scrapbooks, subject files, and posters that document the activities and operation of the grassroots community organization Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC).
  • Earl Wallace papers (2015ms084) Earl Wallace papers (dated 1895-2003, undated; 3.08 cubic feet; 19 boxes, 3 items, 1 tube) consists of correspondence, subject files, photographs, and audiovisual materials that document the life of Earl D. Wallace and the development and preservation of Shakertown at Pleasant Hill.
  • Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass records (2016ms010)  The Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass records (dated 1939-2015, bulk 1977-2011; 6.07 cubic feet and 13.7 gigabytes; 11 boxes, 2 items, and 14,228 digital files) contain administrative records, publications, bulletins, financial records, photographs, meeting minutes, committee records, ledger books, and digital files documenting the community events, activities, and operation of the Jewish Federation of the Bluegrass.
  • Elliott family papers (2016ms042) The Elliot family papers (dated 1894-1899; 0.68 cubic foot; 2 boxes) comprise the handwritten recipes, newspaper clippings, cookery, and cookbooks collected and used by the Elliott family of central Kentucky.
  • Governor Julian M. Carroll speeches (2016ms057) The Governor Julian M. Carroll speeches collection (dated 1974-1977, undated; 1.8 cubic feet; 4 boxes) consists of speeches and remarks made by Julian Carroll during his term as governor of Kentucky.
  • Harlin family letters (2016ms059) The Harlin family letters (dated 1863-1881; 0.01 cubic feet; 4 items) consists of four letters written by members of the Harlin family concerning the Civil War in Kentucky and Tennessee as well as experiences in California.
  • Abbott Lawrence papers (2016ms064) The Abbott Lawrence papers (dated 1844-1845; 0.1 cubic feet; 6 items) consist of 6 letters sent to Massachusetts industrialist and Whig Abbott Lawrence concerning the Henry Clay's financial problems following his failed presidential campaign in 1844.
  • Louisville Courier Journal Washington Bureau records (2016ms077) The Louisville Courier-Journal Washington Bureau records (dated 1952-2010, bulk 1990-2006; 19.35 cubic feet and 1.44 gigabytes; 19 boxes, 321 digital files) contain research materials for news stories about the Blue Grass Army Depot, 2006 Comair plane crash, Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, and Kentucky legislators.
  • Tommy Sharp and Anne Louise McMurtry correspondence     (2017ms003) The Tommy Sharp and Anne Louise McMurtry correspondence (dated 1940-1946; 3.6 cubic feet; 8 boxes) comprises hundreds of almost daily World War II letters and enclosures written and sent by Anne Louise McMurtry and Tommy Sharp 
  • Lancaster family photographs (PA65M200) The Lancaster family photographs (dated circa 1880-1890; 1.5 cubic feet; 5 boxes) contains many cartes de visite, cabinet cards, various sized albumen and printing-out paper prints and one cased daguerreotype of children and adults from 1880 until 1890.

UPDATED FINDING AIDS (many of which were collection level records that now have inventories)