Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Newly Digitized Collections on ExploreUK

University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center is pleased to announce the following collections have been digitized and are now available on ExploreUK.

  • General Roger Williams papers, 2008ms013
    he General Roger Williams papers (dated 1823-1991, bulk 1898-1929; 62 cubic feet; 149 boxes, 1 folder) contain materials related to the businesses, investments, and military service of the prominent Kentuckian from 1898 until 1929.
  • Kentucky Equal Rights Association minutes and reports, 1889-1919
  • Louisville Federation of Labor minutes, m-328
    he Louisville Federation of Labor minutes (dated 1903-1909, bulk 1907-1909; 0.1 cubic feet; 1 reel, 50 ft.) comprise microfilmed copies of two minute books kept by the Louisville Federation of Labor from March 9, 1903 to August 22, 1905 and from July 9, 1907 to April 27, 1909.
  • Mohr Family papers, 54m65
    ohr family papers (dated 1870-1889, bulk 1889; 0.1 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprise letters concerning German colonization enterprises in Lincoln and Simpson counties in Kentucky.
  • Fayette Equal Rights Association records, 49m30
    he Fayette Equal Rights Association records (dated 1917-1920; 0.1 cubic feet; 1 folder) contains a minute book and correspondence generated by the Fayette Equal Rights Association.
  • Hall & Trotter stagecoach passenger book, 2013ms0052
    he Hall & Trotter stagecoach passenger book (dated 1832-1834; 0.04 cubic feet; 1 item) comprises a passenger book for the Hall & Trotter stagecoach line, documenting early transportation in Kentucky.
  • A Collection of Lexington, Kentucky, funeral invitations (1802-1846)
    Transcriptions of funeral invitations from John M. McCalla's "Mortuary of Lexington, Kentucky" scrapbook (held by University of Kentucky Special Collections, accession number 2013ms0755). Includes an introduction and index by James D. Birchfield with 24 facsimiles. 95 p.; 28 cm.
  • Wade Hall Collection of American Letters: Sue Fite correspondence, 2009ms132.0121
    The Wade Hall Collection of American Letters: Sue Fite papers (dated 1910-1920; 0.35 cubic foot; 1 box) comprise correspondence addressed to Sue Fite, a nurse, from romantic partners across the country.
  • Josephine Clay papers, 2005ms001
    The Josephine Clay papers (dated 1788-2004, undated; 0.8 cubic feet; 7 boxes) consist of correspondence, legal documents, photographs, and financial papers generated by Josephine Clay, Henry Clay, William Russell, and the Simpson-Wood family.
  • Labor Union Newspaper Transcripts, 71m33
    The Labor union newspaper transcripts (dated 1831-1950, bulk 1888-1922; 1.8 cubic feet; 4 boxes) contains transcripts made by the Works Progress Administration from Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio, newspapers concerning the union movement and labor problems.
  • R. T. Withers union dues book, 2011ms171
    The R. T. Withers union dues book (dated 1902-1904; 0.1 cubic feet; 1 item) consists of R. T. Wither's Iron Molders' Union No. 187 dues book.
  • Woman's diary (Ravenna, Kentucky), 2011ms121
    The Woman's diary (Ravenna, Kentucky) (dated 1873; 0.1 cubic feet; 1 item) consists of a diary written in Ravenna, Kentucky, by an unknown woman.
  • Mary Shelby Wilson Democratic Woman's Club papers, 50w29
    Mary Shelby Wilson Woman's Democratic Club papers (dated 1910-1950, bulk 1920-1932; 0.68 cubic feet; 2 boxes) comprises the correspondence of Mary Shelby Wilson related to the development of the Woman's Democratic Club of Fayette County, Kentucky, during the 1920s.
  • Théâtre Michel broadside, 2011ms179
    The Théâtre Michel broadside (dated 1923 July 7; 0.1 cubic feet; 1 item) consists of a broadside advertising a production at the Théâtre Michel in Paris entitled Soirée du Coeur (Evening of the Heart).
  • Young E. Allison "Trappist Life" scrapbook, 2011ms161
    The Young E. Allison "Trappist Life" scrapbook (dated 1915-1916; 0.2 cubic feet; 1 item) consists of the newspaper article series Trappist Life by Young E. Allison, which ran in the Louisville Evening Post on December 21, 1915, and January 15, 1916.
  • Clint Hill Robertson collection on Varden family, 2010av003
    The Varden family photographs, (dated circa 1890-1900; 4 cubic feet; 7 boxes) comprise thirty-eight glass plate negatives depicting both portraiture and landscapes in and around Paris, Kentucky.

Monday, May 1, 2017

New Collection Guides on ExploreUK

​University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center is pleased to announce the following collections have been organized and are now available on ExploreUK.
  • Commission on Religion in Appalachia records, 1997ms352  
    The Commission on Religion in Appalachia (CORA) records (dated 1935-1998, undated; 185.8 cubic feet; 178 record storage boxes, 5 half-sized storage boxes, 6 flat boxes, 3 case folders) consists of operating records, ephemera, photographs, film, and audio recordings documenting the activities of CORA relating to causes such as labor, civil rights, and environmental protection in Appalachia.
  • Barkley, Alben W. and Barkley family moving image and audio recordings, 2016av003
    The Alben W. Barkley and Barkley family moving image and audio recordings (dated 1940-1968; 0.67 cubic feet; 23 items) consist of seven reel-to-reel audio tapes and sixteen Super 8 (8mm) color film reels with no accompanying audio tracks featuring Vice President Alben W. Barkley of Paducah, Kentucky and his immediate family and descendants.
  • Kentucky Civil War Commission press releases, 65m126
    The Kentucky Civil War Commission press releases (dated 1961-1965; 0.23 cubic feet; 1 box) includes the manuscripts for a weekly newspaper column by the executive coordinator of the commission, Joe Speed Jordan.
  • Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association Museum and Library, 2014ms0041
    The Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association Museum and Library collection (dated 1850-2013, undated, bulk 1993-2013; 19.49 cubic feet; 29 boxes, 14 items) comprises the exhibit materials and documents housed by the Museum and Library alongside the operating records of both the KHGCA and their museum and library.
  • Mabel Henderson Reed papers, 63m284
    The Mabel Henderson Reed papers (dated 1942-1962; 0.95 cubic feet; 2 boxes) consist of scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, correspondence, and short essays, concerning World War II and the Japanese people.
  • Garrard County records, 68m64
    The Garrard County records (dated 1784-1916; 2.63 cubic feet; 5 boxes) consists of official documents pertaining to the different towns in Garrard County, Kentucky.
  • Cornelia Anderson Watkins papers, 68m52
    The Cornelia Anderson Watkins papers (dated 1851-1871, undated; 0.23 cubic feet; 1 box) includes a book of poems, two diaries, a map, and a letter written to a friend, which document the effects of the Civil War.
  • Joseph Elliott Johnston papers, 66m11
    The Joseph Elliott Johnston papers (dated 1964; 0.23 cubic feet; 1 box) consist of original materials used for Johnston's 1964 book Life Begins at Eighty.
  • John Woodring blacksmith ledger, 2017ms004
    The John Woodring blacksmith ledger (dated 1799-1822, 1852; 0.23 cubic feet; 1 box) consists of an accounting ledger for the Bardstown, Kentucky, blacksmiths John Woodring and Henry Beckett.
  • Walker family WWI correspondence, 2009ms086
    The Walker family correspondence (dated 1917-1919; 0.2 cubic feet; 1 box) comprise of letters, photographs, and newspaper clippings sent to Dallas Walker documenting his service in the Ambulance Corps during WWI, and the Walker family professional and personal activities, including the family-run tobacco manufacturing company located in Covington, Ky, I.L. Walker Tobacco Company.
  • Paul R. Foster papers, 65m142
    The Paul R. Foster papers (dated 1946-1951, 0.96 cubic feet; 4 boxes) consist of copies of indictments, photographs of the tribunal in session and of the defendants and a copy of the verdict as well as a prepared summary of the German War Criminal Trial at Nuremburg in 1945-1946.
  • Josephine and James Morton papers, 2016ms054
    The Josephine and James Morton papers (dated 1839-1921, bulk 1860-1877; 2 cubic feet; 5 boxes) consist of correspondence, journals, financial documents, sermons, and photographs which document the Civil War and Presbyterian ministries in Kentucky.
  • Gateway Foundation records, 2016ms046
    The Gateway Foundation records (dated 1959-2016, undated; 10.59 cubic feet; 12 boxes, 6 oversize boxes, 3 items) comprise office files, printed materials, and newspaper clippings that document the Chicago-based therapeutic community's substance abuse treatment programs and addiction services.
  • Thomas Hines autograph album, 2010ms001
    The Thomas Hines autograph album (dated 1860-1862; 0.15 cubic feet; 1 box) consists of a bound volume called Album of Love, containing notes, signatures, letters, and poems written by friends and acquaintances in expressions of affection and hopes of being remembered.
  • Woman's Club of Central Kentucky records, 2013ms0770
    The Woman's Club of Central Kentucky Records (dated 1897-2016, bulk 1929-2016; 19.64 cubic feet, 30 boxes) primarily comprise constitutions and bylaws, ledgers, Executive Board meeting minutes, yearbooks and calendars, and scrapbooks that document the Woman's Club of Central Kentucky's operations and events.
  • Clay Lancaster residential architectural photographs, 2014av001
    The Clay Lancaster Kentucky architectural photographs (dated 1910-1990, undated; 2.3 cubic feet; 16 boxes) consists of writer and historian, Clay Lancaster's architectural photographs and negatives.
  • Edward W. Rannells papers, 1982ua017
    The Edward W. Rannells papers (dated 1928-1971, undated; 1.75 cubic feet; 5 boxes) comprise correspondence, collected works, and newspaper clippings that document the work of Rannells as an art educator and Head of the University of Kentucky Art Department; his work to organize art exhibitions at the University of Kentucky and elsewhere; and his activities with professional organizations at regional and national levels
  • Nancy T. Ray papers0000ua010
    The Nancy T. Ray papers 
    (dated 1964-1972; 0.7 cubic feet, 2 boxes) comprises correspondence, financial documents, newspapers clippings, periodicals, flyers, meeting minutes, and organization constitutions that document three University of Kentucky student organizations (Associated Women Students, Students for a Democratic Society, and Student Mobilization Committee) and the national peace movements of the 1960s and 1970s.