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New Additions to ExploreUK!

Special Oil and Gas Edition Map of Kentucky, 1922

The following collections and items are now available on ExploreUK:

Ann Bailey family papers


Kentucky accession no. 505Special Oil and Gas Edition Map of Kentucky: An Original Compilation - 1922


Das Goldschnittmachen 


From the Ann Bailey family papers


Items digitized for the Sounding Spirit Digital Library Project.


Voice of praise, The : anew collection of beautiful and appropriate hymns, tunes and gospel songs forSunday-schools and gospel meetings

Hymns of praise, numbertwo : for the church and Sunday school

Songs of Zion : a collection of old and new songs for Sunday-Schools, prayer meetings, revivals and all other religious worship

Gospel songs : a choice collection of hymns and tunes, new and old, for gospel meetings, prayer meetings, Sunday schools, etc. 

Gospel Songs front cover

Sabbath school [bell] no.2 : a superior collection of choice tunes, newly arranged and composed, and alarge number of excellent hymns ... carefully and simply arranged as solos,duets, quartetts, semi-chorusses, and chorusses, and for piano or melodeon 

Star of Bethlehem, The : a collection of church-tunes, anthems, choruses and glees with rudiments and exercises for singing-schools

Songs of life and light : contains a superior collection of gospel songs and hymns for Sunday schools, evangelistic work, revival meetings, young peoples' societies, and all other services of the sanctuary

Christ in song : for allreligious services. Nearly one thousand best gospel hymns, new and old withresponsive scripture readings

Selected Sabbath-schoolhymns and songs, sacred and secular

Tabor, or, The Richmond collection of sacred music : designed for the various Christian churches and singing schools

Sacred harp : a collection of psalm and hymn tunes, odes, and anthems, selected from the most eminent authors, together with nearly one hundred pieces never before published, suited to most metres, and well adapted to churches of every denomination, singing schools, and private societies

American folk songs as sung by Williams' Jubilee Singers

Elmhurst hymnal : and orders of worship for the church school, young people's meetings and church services

Eureka sunlight glees, The : for use in singing schools, literary schools, conventions and musical societies ; containing an excellent and varied collection of sacred and secular songs

Dyer's psalmist : a collection of hymns and sacred songs for the use of Baptist churches

Tefilot bene Yeshurun le-Yom ha-Kipurim : ke-fi minhag Ameriḳa

Title page Twenty-four Negro melodies

Twenty-four Negro melodies: transcribed for the piano by S. Coleridge-Taylor

Hampton series negrofolk-songs

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New Additions to ExploreUK

Union Hymnal for Jewish Worship, 1897

We've added a lot of new digital materials to ExploreUK in the last couple of months.  Below is a list of all the new collections.

General Library Collections:

 LD7501.L4 P38 - Dunbar Echo 

M2198.R483 1896 The Revival no. 2,: suitable for all kinds of religious meetings, a wonderful collection of songs for Sunday schools, etc.

M2198.S237 1899 The Sacred hymnal,: for the church, prayer meetings, young people's meetings, Sunday schools, revivals, and religious meetings of all kinds

M2193.D63 S550 1868 The Silver spray: a choice collection of sabbath school music, consisting of solos, duetts, quartets, chants, responses, &c.

M2198.G33 S2 1895 Salvation songs : for gospel meetings, endeavor societies, Epworth leagues, Baptist unions, Sunday schools and prayer meetings

M1994.R690 1886 The Royal proclamation 

M2198.P724 1919 Praise evangel : for Sunday-schools, revivals, singing-schools, conventions and general use in Christian work and worship

M2198.R434 1911 Redemption's way in song

M2117.S55 1879 The Shining light, a varied collection of sacred songs for Sabbath-schools, social meetings and the home circle

M2117.F9 1876 The New Harmonia Sacra,: a compilation of genuine church music, comprising a great variety of metres, harmonized for four voices. Together with a copious explication of the principles of vocal music ..

M2198.Z56 1910 c.2 Zion melodies : a choice collection of gospel songs, new and old, for protracted meetings and other occasions where pure gospel songs are appropriate

M2198.S685 1896 The Soul-winner,: a collection of gospel songs for Sunday evening and revival services, young people's and devotional meetings, camp-meetings and Sunday schools

M2193.S73 K540 1875 The Starry crown, : for the sabbath school

M2198.S665 1923 Songs of the reapers : a treasury of soul-stirring, spirit-reviving, sweet gospel songs designed for evangelistic work

M2117.S828 1903 Standard revival songs, and Bible readings : a collection of music, and responsive Bible readings for use in revival meetings…

M2198.S632 1912 Song crown : a new compilation of sweet gospel songs 

M2193.Z56 K540 1885 The Zion songster no. 1: for Sabbath schools

M2193.B55 S860 1873 Sunshine for Sunday schools : a new collection of original and selected music

M2131.S5 N3 1911 Spiritualist hymnal : a new collection of words and music for the congregation and choir, specially adapted for spiritualist meetings

BV385.V53 1918 c.2 Victory : for Christian work and worship

M2198.S69 1883 c.2 Spiritual songs no. 2: for gospel meetings and the Sunday school

M2198.W670 1921 c.2 World wide revival songs : for the church, Sunday school and evangelistic meetings, no. 2

M2127.S660 1897 Songs for young people

M2127.A850 1901 Young people's hymnal no. 2, The : adapted to the use of Sunday schools, Epworth leagues, prayer meetings, and revivals

M2144.U5566 1897 Union hymnal for Jewish worship

BV459.P730 1896 The Praise hymnal, a collection of hymns and tunes

Sanborn Map of Middlesboro, Ky. 1923

Sanborn Maps

Middlesboro 1923

Monticello 1926

Morganfield 1925

Murray 1925

New Castle 1925

Owenton 1925

Paris 1926

Pembroke 1923

Pikeville 1925

Pineville 1926

Princeton 1925

Richmond 1926

Russellville 1923

Salt Lick 1927 

Scottsville 1925

Shelbyville 1925

Somerset 1926

Springfield 1925

Sturgis 1925

Trenton 1923

Uniontown 1927

Winchester 1926

Williamsburg 1923

Walton 1927

Williamstown 1927

Whitesburg 1927 

Wickliffe 1925

Image from the Walt Roycraft photographs, 2015av009

Archival Collections:

1997ms257 Lucie Tanner McCauley Diaries

88m3 Bourbon Academy minute book

53m95 Postlethwait Tavern Daybook

M-301 John Scott papers

2015av009 Walt Roycraft photographs

2023ua001 Howard Sherman Gleason photograph album

2021ms088 Gina Webb papers

1997ms151 - Jennie C. Murton/Alice Orbison Frankfort album

2009ms132.0654 - Wade Hall Collection of American Letters: Reverend William M. Leftwich diary

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New Collection Guides on ExploreUK

Page from the Howard Sherman Gleason photograph album (2023ua001)

 New Collection guides have been posted on ExploreUK!  

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