Thursday, December 1, 2016

New photograph collections on ExploreUK

Everybody loves historic photographs, right? Check out these fantastic additions to ExploreUK!

James Waltersphotograph collection on Balkan, 1910-1912 Above: “Men and women being baptized, original, undated“

Lexington, Kentuckyphotograph albums, 1866-1940 Above: “Northeast corner of Short and Market Streets, undated” (This area now is the parking lot across Short Street from the 5/3 Pavilion)

Trainwreck at Whites Station, Kentucky photographs, 1910

The Mary Webb G.Robb lantern slides, circa 1935-1942 Above: “The Phlot Garden, Hidcor Manor - Glochestershire, England, undated”

The Hanson family photographs, undated Above: Kate Hanson

The Cowherd Family photographs, undated Above: Estella Cowherd


Steamboat photographs, 1905-1923 Above: Steamer J. C. Kerr passing the Asphalt Mines on Upper Green River in Kentucky , undated