Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Kentucky Game

What famous general did Don Carlos Buell save at Shiloh?


das said...

Ulysses S. Grant

Anonymous said...

Where is this monument?

das said...

The monument is in Lincoln Park in Chicago. The photograph is in the Lyle Family Photographic Collection 1863-1927.

The Rev. John Lyle (1746-1815) was ruling elder of the Timber Ridge Presbyterian Church. He had two sons, Rev. John Lyle (1769-1825) and Joel Reid Lyle. Rev. John Lyle Jr. (1769-1825) was a Presbyterian pastor and theologian, famous for writing Order(a sermon against the frontier revival) and the Circular Letter to the Synod of Kentucky. He also founded a popular religious group ("New Lights") during the Great Revival, and operated private schools and a printing shop. Joel Reid Lyle (1774-1849) was a teacher and the publisher of Western Citizen, the newspaper for Paris, KY (1809-1829). Joel Reid Lyle had three sons, all of whom he sent to prestigious schools (Miami of Ohio, Centre College, and the Princeton Theological Seminary). One son, William H. Lyle, took over operation of the "Western Citizen" upon his father's retirement. Another son, Joel Kenney Lyle, also became a prominent Presbyterian minister. Joel Kenney Lyle married Maria Nourse Lyle, an amateur genealogist. They had three children: Lizzie Agnes Lyle, Helen Lyle, and Charles Nourse Lyle. Charles was an amateur photographer, and documented his extended family in great detail.