Monday, February 4, 2019

Newly Digitized Wade Hall Collections on ExploreUK!

Interested in the experiences of soldiers in the military during World War I or long-distance relationships and women taking charge in personal relationships? Maybe you would rather read letters between a Scottish immigrant and his family or letters about life in a border city during the Mexican Revolution. These collections, and more, were digitized as part of a National Endowment for the Humanities Collections and Reference Resources Grant, entitled "P.S. Write Again Soon": Revealing 200 Years of the American Mosaic through the Wade Hall Collection of American Letters. All digitized Wade Hall collections can be found on ExploreUK!

2009ms132.0011: Nellie Suydam Cowley papers - The Nellie Suydam Cowley papers (dated 1916; 0.17 cubic feeet; 5 folders) primarily comprise letters between Nellie and her mother, Lucretta Suydam, discussing national politics, the Mexican Revolution, and everyday life in Douglas, Arizona in 1916.

2009ms132.0014: Harry Wilson letters - The Harry Wilson letters (dated 1888-1923, bulk 1890-1914; 0.17 cubic feet; 10 folders) comprise letters between Harry Wilson and his family concerning his immigration to America and changes in Scotland due to World War I.

2009ms132.0021: James F. Frenzel Aviation diary - The James F. Frenzel Aviation diary (dated 1917-1919; 0.05 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprises a diary of Frenzel's enlistment and participation in the Aviation Branch of the United States Army while deployed overseas in France during World War I.

Interior cover page of Frenzel's aviation diary

2009ms132.0029: Rhoda Evans letters
- The Rhoda Evans letters (dated 1900-1925, bulk 1900-1916; 0.3 cubic feet; 10 folders) comprise 68 letters to Rhoda from various boyfriends and love interests.

Letter to Rhoda from boyfriend stating his feelings and asking about hers

2009ms132.0038: Sylvester Zellers letters - The Sylvester Zellers letters (dated 1910-1919, bulk 1918-1919; 0.21 cubic feet; 10 folders) comprise letters that primarily documents life in military training camps during World War I.

2009ms132.0078: Emily McDowell papers - The Emily McDowell papers (dated 1838-1873; 0.32 cubic feet; 1 box) comprise receipts, depositions, and legal papers that document the proceedings that found her insane and the costs and legal requirements associated with caring for a person decreed insane.
Court document decreeing Emily to be "of unsound mind"

2009ms132.0085: Emma C. Kenzer letters - The Emma C. Kenzer letters (dated 1908-1910; 0.1 cubic feet; 3 folders) comprise twenty-one love letters that document the long-distance relationship between Emma and her fiancee where she lived and worked in Evansville, Indiana and where he lived and worked in Louisville, Kentucky.

2009ms132.0098: Humphrey and Ida Tremelling letters - The Humphrey and Ida Tremelling letters (dated 1892-1941, bulk 1893; 0.06 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprise nine letters that document familial relationships, marriage, and employment in the late nineteenth century.

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