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New Wade Hall collections digitized!

Interested in reading about travel to Europe and the Western United States? How about the experiences of soldiers and civilians during the Civil War, World War I, and World War II? Maybe you would prefer to read about personal efforts in education, employment, or love. In the newest additions of digitized Wade Hall collections you can read about all of that and more! These collections, along with many others, were digitized as part of a National Endowment for the Humanities Collections and Reference Resources Grant, entitled "P.S. Write Again Soon": Revealing 200 years of the American Mosaic through the Wade Hall Collection of American Letters. All digitized and published Wade Hall collections can be found on ExploreUK!

2009ms132.0074: Crittenden H.C. Anderson letters - The Crittenden H.C. Anderson letters (dated 1883-1983, bulk 1900-1910; 1.35 cubic feet; 3 boxes) comprise letters between Crittenden Anderson and family members and customers that discuss the sale of livestock, business, family life, and military affairs.

2009ms132.0118: Mary Elizabeth Burgoon letters - The Mary Elizabeth Burgoon letters (dated 1915-1963, bulk 1915-1963; 1.75 cubic feet; 5 boxes) comprise letters from Burgoon's friends and family that document medical practices, travel, and family life in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia during the first half of the twentieth century.

Catherine to Elizabeth Burgoon, 1925

2009ms132.0144: Carey Lewis letters
 - The Carey Lewis letters (dated 1902-1919; 0.23 cubic feet; 2 folders) comprise letters that document the life of Carey Lewis while in school in Danville, Kentucky at the beginning of the twentieth century.

2009ms132.0158: Stanley Lawson letters - The Stanley Lawson letters (dated 1905-1912, undated; 0.18 cubic feet; 5 folders) comprise letters that document the courtship activities of young men and women in Wisconsin during the early twentieth century.

Eunise to Stanley, 1912

Eunise to Stanley, 1912, interior

2009ms132.0159: Averitt family letters - The Averitt family letters (dated 1911; 0.04 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprise nine letters that document the relationship between Erwin and his parents in Kentucky in the beginning of the twentieth century.

2009ms132.0165: Clarence J. Rogier letters - The Clarence J. Rogier letters (dated 1942-1945, 1970; 0.35 cubic feet; 1 box) comprise letters between Clarence Rogier and his family that document his experience as a soldier overseas in North Africa, Sicily, and Europe during World War II.

Clarence to family, 1944

2009ms132.0166: Thomas R. Atwood letters - The Thomas R. Atwood letters (dated 1935-1959, undated; 0.35 cubic feet; 1 box) comprise letters that document the military experience of Thomas Atwood in the US Army during World War II.

2009ms132.0172: Ada Jane Lunden letters - The Ada Jane Lunden letters (dated 1870-1888; 0.22 cubic feet; 14 folders) comprise letters that document the lives of Ada and her brother, James (Jimmy) and George (Georgie), while attending school at the National Soldier's Orphan Homestead in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in the 1870s and 1880s.

2009ms132.0173: Love C. Calbert papers - The Love C. Calbert papers (dated 1923-1965; 0.13 cubic feet; 8 folders) comprise letters, school reports, and programs and certificates that document the personal and professional life of Love Calbert in Kentucky and Florida in the mid-twentieth century.

George Johnson to Love Calbert, 1927

2009ms132.0189: Paul Leland Ballard papers - The Paul Leland Ballard papers (dated 1913-1933, undated; 0.11 cubic feet; 7 folders) comprises licenses, receipts, medicine labels, drawings, documents, and photographs that document the Da-Ka-Ta Medicine Company and Paul Ballard in Ohio and Indiana during the early twentieth century.

2009ms132.0190: University of Chicago academic letters - The University of Chicago academic letters (dated 1951-1965; 0.14 cubic feet; 9 folders) comprise letters from prospective foreign students to the Registrar, and from former or current foreign colleagues of professors at the University of Chicago during the 1950s.

S.K.G. Ofosu to University of Chicago Director of Admissions, 1955

2009ms132.0193: Emma Christiansen travel diary - The Emma Christiansen travel diary (dated 1926; 0.04 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprises a diary by Emma Christiansen that documents her travels to Norway and Denmark in the summer of 1926.

2009ms132.0194: Ebenezer Thresher papers - The Ebenezer Thresher papers (dated 1824-1864, undated; 0.09 cubic feet; 4 folders) comprise a diary, bank notes, photographs, and letters that document the life and religious work of Ebenezer Thresher II in New England and Ohio during the mid-nineteenth century.

Thomas Thresher to Ebenezer Thresher, 1850

2009ms132.0195: Dummer family letters - The Dummer family letters (dated 1914-1939, undated; 0.04 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprise eleven letters from friends and relatives of the Dummer family that document farming and life in Illinois and California during the Great Depression.

2009ms132.0199: Frances Coleman travel diary - The Frances Coleman travel diary (dated 1925-1927, undated; 0.05 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprises a diary and two letters that document Frances's travels across Europe in the mid-1920s.

2009ms132.0200: Robert Beck WWI diary - The Robert Beck World War I diary (dated 1918-1919; 0.05 cubic feet; 1 folder) consists of one diary that documents Robert Beck's experiences serving in the US Army stateside and overseas during World War I.

2009ms132.0202: Unidentified woman western travel diaries - The Unidentified woman western travel diaries (dated 1928; 0.05 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprises two diaries that document the experiences of an unidentified Pennsylvania woman's first railway trip west in 1928, that she titled Glimpses from the Observation End.

Cover of volume one of travel diary, Glimpses from the Observation End

2009ms132.0218: Sherman Addison Chubbuck diary - The Sherman Addison Chubbuck diary (dated 1861-1865; 0.04 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprises one diary that documents the life and work of Methodist minister Sherman Chubbuck in Minnesota during the Civil War.

2009ms132.0220: Diary of Paris, Kentucky woman - The Diary of Paris, Kentucky woman (dated 1867; 0.04 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprises one diary that documents the day to day life of a woman living in Paris, Kentucky after the Civil War.

2009ms132.0301: Eva Wellman papers - The Eva Wellman papers (dated 1867-1910, bulk 1870-1874; 0.29 cubic feet; 13 folders) comprise letters, receipts, and legal papers that document the life of Eva Wellman and friends and family in Indiana and Ohio in the second half of the nineteenth century.

2009ms132.0313: Agnes H. Miller letters - The Agnes H. Miller letters (dated 1933-1938; 0.1 cubic feet; 3 folders) comprise letters sent to Agnes H. Miller from her sister and lover throughout the 1930s.

Letter to Agnes from a lover, 1937

2009ms132.0317: William Kenzer letters - The William Kenzer letters (dated 1908-1912; 0.04 cubic feet; 1 folder) comprise letters sent to William during the early 1900s from his fianceĆ© Emma C. Kenzer while she was living in Evansville, Indiana and he lived in Louisville, Kentucky.

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