Friday, July 9, 2021

New Additions to ExploreUK

The following collections and items are now available on ExploreUK.

 Archival collections

·         Archibald and Joseph Logan papers 

·         Sanford Thomas Roach Dunbar High School basketball films 

·         Todd family papers

·         Manjushri V Bhapkar photographs of Cafe LMNOP and Fourth of July parade 

·         Wade Hall Collection of American Letters: Elsie Munson letters 

·         Wade Hall Collection of American Letters: Oriel C. Jones letters     


Evangeliary, 15th century (one of several medieval manuscripts that will be going online with enhanced description)

The University of Kentucky: Its History and Development, 1956

 Bible Creation vs. Fundamentalists and Modernists Creation 

 Educational Bulletin (Kentucky), March 1933-February 1941 (first batch of a larger digitization project) 

 Contact the UK Libraries Special Collections Research Center for more information

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