Friday, January 16, 2015

"Fun? Well Rather" The Diary of Virginia Clay McClure - part of the Sesquicentennial Stories Series

 January 16, 1911

Lillian, Addie, Bess, Marion, Lillie, Maria, Pauline, Susan, and I met to see “Madam Sherry” on general admission.  I had taken Edna’s coat away from her on the campus that afternoon, and Pauline wore it back to the Hall under her cloak.  Lula and Therese wanted her to let Therese have her coat at the gate, but of course she couldn’t.  We had a lot of fun about it, and I worried Edna about her coat.  Then after supper, about fifteen minutes before time to start, Lillian, Addie, and I decided to go, and get ready in a jiffy.  I couldn’t find my coat and I knew immediately that Edna had it.  She wouldn’t give it to me, so I borrowed Annie’s, and we went on.  We ran most of the way, cut across to Broadway.  Lillian and I got separated in the crowd and had to wait in line about half an hour.  When we finally got in we had to stand away up.  Annie seemed to be perfectly disgusted, but who cares? “Every Little Movement Has a Meaning all its Own.”  Addie spent the night with me, and we stayed awake a long time. Chocolate candy with “figs.”

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