Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Fun? Well Rather" The Diary of Virginia Clay McClure - part of the Sesquicentennial Stories Series

January 28, 1911

A big day in the history of the Junior girls.  We had talked for a long time about having a party for the Junior boys, and at last it came off.  We sent out these cards to about seventy-five boys, but not over thirty came.  

*Inserted invitation that reads, “ The Junior Girls, At Home, Patterson Hall, Sat. Eve, Jan 28, ’11, 8 to 10.”

We had a lot of fun fixing for it.  The Junior room looked too dear for words.  The hall was fixed cute too, and the Seniors left up their decorations in the parlors.  We put up red paper, red candles etc., and it was awfully attractive looking.  Addie and I went to town and ordered the “eats”, and we all made sandwiches in the afternoon.  We served coffee (awfully good), three kinds of sandwiches, and pickles.  The Senior girls were the only ones invited to our party.  We had music, games, etc.  Played “potato”, scattered “beans” everywhere, played “blindfold”. Everybody had a good time, at least we think they did.  The boys each had a card with their names pinned on their coats.  We thought we wouldn’t have enough cards, so the girls didn’t have them, but there were some left so I got one for a souvenir. 

*Inserted card that reads “Virginia McClure”

Mr. Kohn wrote my name on the back of his card so that he could remember who I was, and every time he’d see me he’d look at the card.  “Aunt Jessie” was awfully good to us – made the best coffee – gave Cleo and me some potatoes, and helped with the sandwich dressing.  Mrs. Wallis was so nice to us and seemed to enjoy the party.  She played blind-fold too.  Miss Hamilton sent us two dozen red carnations, and lent us some more flowers.  Mrs. Barker gave us some white roses for the night and offered us the use of her sitting room, and Judge Barker sent us a big box of candy.  We cleaned up the next morning though it was Sunday, and Mrs. Wallis said our party was so nice and we cleaned up after it so nicely that we might have another party.

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